Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field

Pescadero Vent Diving – 4K Highlight Video

Nov. 20 2018

Exploring the Pescadero Basin has been truly breathtaking. Choosing the highlights of our deep dives (3700 meters down, on average) was difficult, but here they are! We will take you from the epicenter of the hydrothermal fields (thriving with the luscious red of tube worms), to the complex ecosystems that abound as we moved a bit further from the vent fluids. These are teeming with anemones, clams, fish, and otherworldly creatures. Take a look at surreal geological formations such as upside down waterfalls, gigantic caves, and newly discovered hydrothermal chimneys. Finally, marvel at the sight of bountiful iridescent beings and other wonders of the deep sea.

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