Publication: Brandon, J., Freibott, A., Taylor, A, and Ohman, M. (2017). The Abundance and Distribution of Nanoplastics in the California Current and the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, Imaged with a Novel Method. Poster Presentation, ASLO Meeting, Honolulu, HI, USA.

Brandon, J., Freibott, A., Taylor, A, and Ohman, M. (2017).  The Abundance and Distribution of Nanoplastics in the California Current and the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, Imaged with a Novel Method. Poster Presentation, ASLO Meeting, Honolulu, HI, USA.

News: Temporary shipboard position: Marine Technician

Schmidt Ocean Institute is currently seeking highly experienced candidates for the temporary shipboard position of Marine Technician. The opening is a unique opportunity to join this young organization to fulfill a temporary seagoing position in support of a 275’/82.9m oceanographic research vessel. The Marine Technician will work aboard the research vessel FALKOR approximately six months per year. … Continued

News: New Technology Gives Insight to Ocean Color for NASA Satellites

NASA Scientists return to land on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor after making important observations of phytoplankton with new technology to support current and future satellite observations. NEWPORT, OREGON – A swath of new instruments were debuted during a 25 day expedition across the Pacific exploring a wide variety of oceanic ecosystems. The focus … Continued

Log Post: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It has been a magnificent journey. Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on all sides for 25 days has deepened my connection to our water planet. Whenever on deck studying the blues of sky and sea, I also took a few deep breaths and grasped a sense of scale that I can not appreciate on … Continued

Person: Rebecca Rogers

Rebecca Rogers has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Prior to working at Schmidt Ocean Institute, she was the senior buyer supporting a fleet of tuna purse seiners in the Western and Eastern Pacific. Rebecca has a wealth of experience handling procurement and logistics for vessels including vendor management and warehouse support.

Log Post: What Color is the Ocean? The Sky?

What Color is the Ocean? The Sky? Most of us would reply immediately—blue! But what shade of blue? I am exploring this topic during the research cruise by capturing the blues of the sky and sea through direct observation using my eyes and three instruments—watercolors, photography and a cyanometer. Our research cruise has taken us … Continued

Page: R/V Falkor-Inspired Lesson Plans

R/V Falkor-Inspired Lesson Plans With help from the wonderful educators that have joined us on R/V Falkor, we have created a number of lesson plans that can help your students connect with the cutting-edge oceanographic research that we are doing at sea. Contours Lesson Plan The sea floor is covered with interesting geologic features from trenches to … Continued

Log Post: Phytoplankton Sampling Strategies

Plankton comes from the greek word planktos, meaning wanderer. It does not define a specific organism, but rather a specific life style. Plankton consist of all organisms dispersed in water that are passively driven by water currents or are subject to passive sinking process. Some of those organisms have an ability to produce oxygen and sugars … Continued

Log Post: Weekly Video ~ Wrapping up the Sea to Space Expedition

“All of these different people with different perspectives, but everybody is interested in the same question. And when you have people thinking about the same question, but in different ways and with different educational backgrounds, then you’re going to have a much better chance of actually answering it.” As the Sea to Space cruise wraps, … Continued