Log Post: Movement Painting
 – A Visual Memory of Days at Sea

As this transit from Hawai’i to Fiji was my first time being at sea, I was very curious to experience the ship’s movement. Before boarding I was nervous about big swells and any kind of inclement weather causing sea sickness, but within hours of being onboard I overheard that we were expecting smooth seas ahead … Continued

Log Post: Traces of an Underwater Volcano

Pumice: derived from the Latin word pumex meaning “foam.” In French it is known as “the foam of the sea.” During a volcanic eruption, molten lava – which has a high water and gas content – is suddenly depressurised and cooled rapidly. The dissolved gases are exsolved when depressurized and then frozen in the lava … Continued

Log Post: Ocean Hues

My name is Kelly Luis and I am a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. I study ocean color from remote sensing platforms and on this cruise, I am ground-truthing ocean color measurements from UAVs and satellites. Hawaiian Blue Water Growing up in Hawai’i, the ocean’s blue hues were the backdrop to my childhood. … Continued

Person: Paula Cartwright

Paula completed a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Biology) with Distinction and Honours (First Class) at Curtin University from 2014 – 2018. For her Honours research, Paula developed a remote sensing turbidity algorithm and toolkit for monitoring a flood plume in the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park, Borneo. Paula is presently undertaking PhD research at the … Continued

Log Post: Weekly Video: Air-To-Sea Technology

“It is really a magnificent step forward in engineering that is helping us to do science that is very agile.” Researchers and crew are using all kinds of exciting technology on this expedition: remotely piloted, autonomous, and on the ship itself. Check out this week’s #AirToSea weekly video for an inside look at the research … Continued

Log Post: Depicting Motion

One of the first things you notice being on a ship – rather than land – is the motion. Your foundation is always moving, making simple tasks (like taking a shower or walking down a hallway) into dynamic actions, as compared the almost thoughtless, natural acts completed while being on solid ground. Seeking to understand … Continued

Person: Federica Foglini

Federica Foglini is a senior marine data scientist at the Institute of Marine Science (CNR-ISMAR) in Bologna. Her main interest and expertise is in seafloor mapping and geomorphology, marine cartography, habitat mapping technologies, multi beam swath bathymetry acquisition and processing, marine spatial data management, and Geodatabase design and implementation. She obtained her degree in Geology … Continued

Cruise: The Great Australian Deep-Sea Coral and Canyon Adventure

This expedition will feature exploration of the Emperor Seamount Chain while researching biodiversity and its drivers. Using currents, mapping, and radio isotopes to track water masses – as well as genetic sampling of corals – the team will determine the driving force behind coral distribution in this region.