Log Post: Exploration and the Heart of the Scientist

Science by nature is based on exploration, venturing into the unknown –  sometimes aided by information and other times shooting in the dark. History is littered with explorers who were trained as scientists, from Darwin to astronauts. During the Sea Level Secrets expedition we have been exploring along with Dr. Ken Rubin. From his early … Continued

Log Post: Tech Tools

During the two legs of this expedition on R/V Falkor, the science team is studying coral reefs that drowned during periods of rapid sea level rise that occurred at the end of the last ice age. By doing so, we are hoping to determine exactly when this past sea level rise occurred and get some … Continued

Log Post: The Voyage to Palmyra Island and Kingman Reef

Research Vessel Falkor is on a mission, steaming full ahead for a tiny spec of land in the central Pacific Ocean called Palmyra Island. We do not know what we will find in the shallow seas there, but we have got to go. It is not just another point on the map – it is a place … Continued

News: Captain

Research Vessel Falkor – Captain Tendering: Start date for tendering position: 11. Sept 2017 End date for tendering position: 30. Sept 2017 During the tendering time frame the Company will collect CVs Interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be held in the week after the tendering end date What we offer:  Position: Captain Permanent Position … Continued

Log Post: Techniques of Sea Level Research

Twenty thousand years ago, the ice-covered earth started melting, creating relatively large changes in sea level. Today the earth is still warming, glaciers are still melting, and the sea is still rising. Thankfully, with the study of the past, data can help predict the future. The best way to understand ancient sea level change is … Continued

Log Post: Technology at the Seafloor

After a successful port call in Honolulu prepping remotely operated vehicle (ROV) SuBastian, we have safely completed our first dive to the seafloor! After piloting the ROV for nearly six hours, the team was able to return R/V Falkor with a dozen seafloor samples as well as numerous live coral samples. Getting to the Bottom … Continued

Log Post: Students and Artist at Sea ~ Week Two Video

The #ArtistAtSea and #StudentOpportunity programs offered by Schmidt Ocean Institute aim to bring the knowledge, science, and technology far beyond the decks of R/V #Falkor. See and hear how the participants on the #SeaLevelSecrets expedition are applying their experiences.

Log Post: Nested Mapping

Nested mapping refers to the simple concept of working from big maps at lower levels of detail to smaller areas at higher levels of detail. The concept of nested mapping describes our approach to collecting the data throughout this cruise, and how we will be able to reconstruct whole tracts of ancient coral reefs from … Continued