Log Post: Tecnología, Exploración y Arcilla

Tratar de trabajar en cerámica escultórica durante una expedición oceanográfica que se enfoca principalmente en el desarrollo de robots autónomos puede sonar algo extraño. Ok, probablemente lo sea, pero mi interés en creación y exploración interdisciplinaria, y circunstancias azarosas me trajeron al Falkor, en esta expedición frente a la costa de Costa Rica. Me encuentro … Continued

Log Post: Technology, Exploration, and Clay

Trying to work with clay during an oceanographic expedition focusing primary on autonomous robotic development might sound a little crazy. Ok, probably it is. However, my interest in interdisciplinary creation and exploration, plus serendipitous circumstances, put me here on the Falkor, sailing off the coast of Costa Rica. I am here with a group of … Continued

News: New Undersea Maps Lead to Hydrothermal Vent and Species Discoveries

Autonomous and interactive robotic seafloor mapping systems were used on an expedition aboard research vessel Falkor in the southern Gulf of California, leading scientists to a new hydrothermal vent field and enabling the discovery of new deep-sea organisms. SOUTHERN PESCADERO BASIN, GULF OF CALIFORNIA – A spectacular new hydrothermal vent field, named JaichMatt, has been … Continued

Log Post: Nemesis y Sentinel

To read this blog in English, click here. Hace más de una década, el Dr. Camilli comenzó a trabajar con sus Slocum Gliders de manera muy similar a como lo hace un padre con sus hijos: esforzándose por darles herramientas para que puedan tomar decisiones inteligentes por sí mismos. A lo largo de los años, … Continued

Log Post: Nemesis and Sentinel

Para leer este blog en español, haga clic aquí. When Dr. Richard Camilli began working with his Slocum gliders over a decade ago, he took an approach much like a parent does with their kids: attempting to give them tools to make intelligent decisions by themselves. Over the years, his team has been increasing the autonomy of … Continued

Person: Adam Wetmore

Adam has been involved in the offshore industry for over ten years. His experience includes dynamic positioning systems, sub-sea geotechnical exploration, and ROV operations. Adam worked in East and West Africa with Oceaneering International, and in Asia with Sub-Sea Geotechnical Services and Trinity Offshore. In 2016, he joined the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ROV team and … Continued

Page: Schmidt Ocean Institute 2019 Expeditions

Costa Rican Deep Sea Connections Puntarenas, Costa Rica January Dr. Erik Cordes, Temple University Dr. Erik Cordes and his interdisciplinary team will seek out deep sea communities to generate a three-dimensional profile of the methane seeps of Costa Rica. Diving off of the Isla del Cocos National Park, this research will help develop a proposal to expand … Continued

Person: Darren Elvin 

Darren Elvin From Jersey channel Islands Apprentice trained electrical maintenance engineer 11 years ROV experience Enjoys golf and cooking

Person: Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez is one of Falkor’s ROV Pilot / Supervisors from Austin, TX. He served in the United States Navy for eight years as an aviation electronic technician aircrewman. For five years he was an electronic warfare operator on the EP-3E then spent two years at a test squadron on P-3’s and C-130’s as a radar … Continued