Cruise: The Seeping Cascadia Margin

As the R/V Falkor transits from San Diego, California to Astoria, Oregon, Schmidt Ocean Institute will take advantage of this route, collecting valuable mapping data for unsurveyed areas over the active Cascadia Margin while hosting a unique group of Artist-at-Sea and Student Opportunities participants. Over the past two years, researchers from Oregon State University have … Continued

Person: Lori Hepner

Lori Hepner is an artist working between the fields of photography, performance, and light art. She also curates exploratory journeys for other artists in an exploratory residency program, River Route. In her work, she performs digitized, luminous traces of landscapes that are under threat due to climate by gesturally re-drawing landscapes with muscle memories from … Continued

Log Post: Wrapping up Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots ~ Video Update

“I think it is essential for humankind to understand the big picture because, in the end, we are talking about the life-support system for the Earth.” Check out the impressive accomplishments – and learn why they matter well  beyond the field of robotics – from the #OceanRobotsTeam in our expedition wrap up video. 

Person: Roger Peet

Roger Peet is an artist and printmaker based in Portland, Oregon. His current work in graphic art aims to describe the millenial tension between human activities and the integrity of wild phenomena, addressing the contemporary crises of biodiversity and capitalism and what can and can’t be done about them. His work focuses on issues of … Continued

Person: Lizzy Taber

Lizzy Taber is currently working and living in Phoenix, Arizona while pursuing her Master’s degree in Fine Art at Arizona State University. Taber grew up in South Florida and graduated from The University of North Florida with her BFA in Printmaking in 2014. Lizzy’s work has been shown widely in museums and galleries across the … Continued

Person: Sarah Caudle

Sarah Caudle is a seascape artist and designer based in Honolulu, Hawaii with a focus in sustainability. Inspired by aerial views of the sea, she depicts its beauty through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions. Using acrylics and resin on wood panel or metal jewelry, each original painting is completely unique and full of … Continued

Person: Jake Hanft

Jake works as a program analyst for Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation that supports technological solutions to ocean problems. A San Francisco native, Jake graduated from University of California, Davis with a B.A. in international relations with a global environment emphasis, and a minor in English. As an undergraduate, … Continued

Person: D’amy Steward

D’amy Steward is a Junior at Duke University double majoring in Biology with an Ecology concentration and Environmental Science with a Marine Science and Conservation concentration. D’amy is a Rachel Carson Scholar and will begin her research Fall 2018 at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC, studying the ecological impacts of derelict fishing gear – resulting from … Continued

Person: Chris Teufel

Chris Teufel is a rising Junior at Duke University majoring in biology and computer science with a concentration in marine biology and minors in documentary studies and Italian. He is a Rachel Carson Scholar pursuing research in computational biology and it’s applications to marine science including population genetics, linkage disequilibrium network analysis, and coastal mapping. … Continued

Log Post: Quiet Sense of Accomplishment

In our transit back to San Diego there is a quiet sense of accomplishment, not only from the wonderful achievements of this cruise, but also because in doing so we contributed foundational work for future ocean studies. Sensors, actuators, and communication devices are currently pervasive in the cities we live in, and we are definitely … Continued