Log Post: New Species and Range Extension Records for the Coral Sea

My phone had been buzzing all morning from the fervent twitter notifications. Fish twitter must be up to their usual shenanigans again, I thought, as I lazily grabbed my mobile device. Buried within the swath of notifications was a link to the Schmidt’s Ocean Institute’s page, which was broadcasting live footage from mesophotic Coral Sea … Continued

Person: Daniela Ceccarelli

Dr. Daniela Ceccarelli is an independent marine ecology consultant with a PhD in coral reef ecology from James Cook University. Her coral reef survey fieldwork spans the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Tonga and the Marshall Islands, and remote reefs of northwest WA and the Coral Sea. For the last decade she has … Continued

Person: Richard Fitzpatrick

Richard Fitzpatrick is an Emmy awarded cinematographer specialising in 8K and 3D IMAX video systems as well as being a qualified marine biologist specialising in sharks. He has shot more than 50 films for clients such as the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel and is renowned for filming complex behavioural sequences – (including 3D, … Continued

Log Post: From Underwater Video to 3D Modelling

3D modelling is very popular and becoming more mainstream away from the specialized field of computer game development. Online websites such as Sketchfab allow the upload of real-world 3D models or very elaborately-crafted 3D models of objects, each comprised of numerous mesh triangles and vertices, and usually covered with a texture or image in a … Continued

Log Post: Searching for Carnivorous Sponges

It is a nice sunny day in Brisbane and I ride my bicycle to work with the sun shining on the river. I come into the Queensland Museum at South Bank; it is very quiet because the museum is closed to the public due to COVID restrictions. I fire up my computer and connect with … Continued

Person: Yi-Kai Tea

Kai is a systematic ichthyology PhD candidate at the University of Sydney and the Australian Museum Research Institute. His research revolves largely around coral reef fishes, particularly in the taxonomy and systematics of labrid fishes. He has described and named over a dozen new species of reef fishes, many of them occurring in deep mesophotic … Continued