Log Post: Why Aren’t you Zooming in on the Cool Stuff?

Those watching the livestreams from our ROV may notice that parts of our dive appear to be a bit, well, boring. We seem to flying right over some of the cool stuff, rarely pausing or zooming in to have a closer look. This is all intentional, and there is good reason behind it. For each … Continued

News: Schmidt Ocean Institute Offers Online Educational Science Content for Students

New #SchoolsOutScience identifies homeschooling resources; online content ranges from robotics and engineering games, interactive science lesson plans and livestream of never- before-seen footage of the deep ocean. MENLO PARK, Calif. – As millions of school age children transition their education to home classrooms in the wake of the devastating COVID-19 global pandemic, Schmidt Ocean Institute … Continued

Log Post: Barnacles Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Barnacles are well known for clinging to rocks and boats in harbours around the world, and on this expedition they are a key group of crustaceans being targeted for collection. So far, we have encountered a variety of species attached to rocks and other animals as we hunt for new species within the canyon. Two … Continued

Log Post: Science in the Time of Covid-19

Organising a large scientific expedition takes some time – years, in fact. There are challenges for every time horizon, and no aspect is too big or too small. There is a crack team of scientists to assemble – often from many parts of the world, especially since taxonomic expertise in certain groups is hard to … Continued

Log Post: Mapping and Imaging Cape Range Canyon

In our daily lives we often take maps for granted. Thanks to modern technology, maps are literally available at our fingertips, allowing us to plan our travel, map elevation profiles along our running or cycling routes, and reveal the shape of the landscape. For the oceans, however, maps are not as readily available. Only 25 … Continued

Log Post: Following the Dream

Liam Cook has been our high school participant on Research Vessel Falkor. He is a senior at Geraldton Senior High School and in the Follow the Dream program designed to help Aboriginal students to reach their career potential by graduating from high school and achieving university entrance. A Unique Opportunity He has been well supported by … Continued