Person: Angela Rossen

“My work is in biodiversity education both with the paintings I create and the biodiversity school and community projects that I deliver. I hope that my artworks will conjure for the viewer something of the wonder and beauty of the plants and animals that I study.” Angela Rossen partners with a range of organizations to … Continued

Log Post: A Painting for the Seafloor Dwellers

A few weeks before my Artist-at-Sea experience, the program coordinator emailed me to see if I would be interested in creating a painting for a panel on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ROV submersible named SuBastian. “Absolutely,” I thought. This was very exciting for me: what a rare opportunity to be one of the few artist … Continued

Log Post: Beyond the Horizon

The crow’s nest: For the longest time, the best we could do to observe the ocean at any distance from a ship was to climb up a mast and look. Since the advent of hobbyist unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs more commonly known as “drones”) in the last five years, scientists have used small, lightweight robotics … Continued

Log Post: AirToSea: Wrap-Up Video

“The complex and wide-ranging dataset collected during this cruise will allow us to better understand how our ocean will react to changing climate, and ultimately, how humankind can better prepare for its future on this changing planet.” Check out the #AirToSea wrap-up video for a great analysis of the expedition and its accomplishments. 

Log Post: The Charismatic Microfauna of the Ocean

When phytoplankton (the single cell plants that live in the ocean) perform photosynthesis, they take up CO₂ from the atmosphere and convert it to organic carbon that becomes food for other organisms and put out O₂. When the carbon “fixed” by phytoplankton ultimately sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it can be considered removed … Continued