Person: Gabrielle Stedman

Gabrielle Stedman is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in the Department of Oceanography. She is working to characterize the demersal zooplankton and meiofaunal community of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. Using both taxonomic and genetic approaches, she will provide baseline assessments of this important community prior to polymetallic mining in the … Continued

Log Post: The Sea Below

Over the past couple of days, I have put together an efficient workflow to convert the raw sonar data files from the multibeam sonar scanner to tool paths used by the computer numerical control (CNC) machine to cut into foam. The data from the multibeam is converted to an XYZ point cloud file, which is … Continued

Log Post: What the Sea has Taught Me

For my last blog post this cruise, I want to take a step away from the science aboard the ship and rather talk about what life is like aboard the R/V Falkor and the top three things I have taken away from this experience. While I have only been aboard the ship for a week, … Continued

Log Post: Look at All That Data!

Over the past six days, I have seen more data collected than I have ever seen before. I have had the opportunity to watch the collection of this data from start to finish and am impressed by how much goes into getting usable data. Before collecting any data, systems must be calibrated based on current … Continued

Log Post: Not Your Average Technicians

It has been smooth sailing the past couple days on our transit to Hawaii. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to help out the marine technicians on various maintenance and data collection methods. Each task different than the one before – I have realized the numerous trades marine technicians must learn to fulfill … Continued

Log Post: Carving the Seafloor

My name is David, and I am currently the Artist-at-Sea aboard R/V Falkor! The goal of my project as an Artist-at-Sea participant is to create CNC (computer numeric controlled) carvings of the seafloor that we pass over on our transit from Astoria to Honolulu. R/V Falkor is using a multibeam sonar array to scan the … Continued

Log Post: Putting My Sea Legs to the Test

Now that I have been aboard Falkor for a couple days and have just started to gather my bearings, it is my turn to introduce myself. I am Isabela Trumble, an undergraduate student at Boston University (BU) studying marine science. While working in the Rotjan Marine Ecology Lab I have found passion in coral physiology … Continued