Person: Kira Mizell

Kira is a Research Oceanographer with the U.S. Geological Survey. She studies minerals that form in the deep ocean, especially focusing on ferromanganese crusts, manganese nodules, and phosphorites. The chemical composition of these deposits reveals information about ocean chemistry from the past, as far as 70 million years ago for the oldest ferromanganese crust deposits that … Continued

Person: Paul Jensen

Paul Jensen is a Professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego. His research interests lie at the interface of marine microbiology and natural products chemistry. His lab addresses fundamental questions such as what marine microbes produce natural products, where they live, why they make them, and how to better exploit … Continued

Person: Shannon McClish

Shannon is currently pursuing a master’s en route to a Ph.D. in the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Oceanography program. Shannon investigates biogeochemical cycles in the Southern Ocean with biogeochemical profiling floats and remote sensing. Her current work aims to constrain the biological carbon pump in the Southern Ocean seasonal sea ice zone. In addition … Continued

Log Post: Mesophotic 4K Highlights – Video Update

From tiny nudibranchs to swaying sea snakes and brilliant corals, the ROV highlights from the #TwilightCoral​ expedition are vivd, beautiful, and stunning. Principal Investigator Dr. Karen Miller: “We have discovered so much about the mesophotic zone at Ashmore Reef during our expedition. The diversity on the seafloor is incredible, and we have explored everything from … Continued

Page: Science Communication Internship

The Schmidt Ocean Institute Science Communications Internship aims to provide educational and practical support to graduate students studying marine science, communications, journalism or related fields. Interns will work with our Communications Team supporting outreach programs, with the goal of engaging, influencing, and generating public support for a healthy ocean through advanced scientific research, technology innovation, … Continued

Log Post: All Good Things Must Come to an End

Having studied corals from the Great Barrier Reef to Antarctica, it is easy to think I have seen it all. But experiences like the Australian Mesophotic Coral Expedition are humbling and make me realise just how much more there is still to learn about our oceans. We have discovered so much about the mesophotic zone … Continued

Log Post: Wrapping Up at Ashmore Reef – Video Update

“It has been a fantastic journey.” There have been a huge number of achievements on the #TwilightCoral expedition, including completely circumnavigating Ashmore Reef and fully mapping its mesophytic zone. The team also explored the sea floor for 140 hours via ROV SuBastian, recording the species that live there and documenting the different habitat types. Watch … Continued