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R/V Falkor will be diving with ROV SuBastian during the #PescaderoVentDiving expedition off the coast of California.
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Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field

November 2018
ROV SuBastian:
Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California

Characterizing Venting and Seepage Along the California Coast

October 2018
ROV SuBastian:
Pacific Ocean, The Southern California Borderland

Hunting Bubbles: Understanding Plumes of Seafloor Methane

August 2018
ROV SuBastian:
The Southern Hydrate Ridge in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon

Adaptive Robotics

August 2018
ROV SuBastian:
Hydrate Ridge

Voyage to the White Shark Café

May 2018
ROV SuBastian:
Mid-Pacific Ocean

Underwater Fire: Studying the Submarine Volcanoes of Tonga

December 2017
ROV SuBastian:
The Meta Volcano group, the Pacific off Tongan waters

Discovering Deep Sea Corals of the Phoenix Islands

October 2017
ROV SuBastian:
Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati

Unraveling Ancient Sea Level Secrets

September 2017
ROV SuBastian:
Hawaiian waters, Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef

Searching For Life on the Mariana Back-Arc

December 2016
ROV SuBastian:
Mariana Back-Arc

Ecosystem Dynamics of Hydrothermal Vent Communities

April 2016

Eastern Lau Spreading Center (Deep sea hydrothermal vents in between Fiji and Tonga)

Virtual Vents: The Changing Face of Hydrothermalism Revealed

March, April 2016

Eastern Lau Spreading Center (Deep sea hydrothermal vents in between Fiji and Tonga)

Timor Sea Reef Connections

April 2015
SAAB SeaEye Falcon ROV:
Scott Reef, Timor Sea

Perth Canyon: First Deep Exploration

March 2015
ROV Comanche:
Perth Canyon, Western Australia

Open Ocean to Inner Sea Leg Two

September 2013

Salish Sea, West Coast of Canada

Hydrothermal Exploration of Mid-Cayman Rise

June 2013
HROV Nereus:
Mid Cayman Rise, Caribbean Sea