About Ocean Rising 

We need to inspire a deeper awakening and recognition of our wondrous Ocean – it breathes life into Earth, regulates our climate, drives economies, and holds the secrets to our very existence. People protect what they love so we need to find new ways for people to fall in love with the Ocean.

Ocean Rising is an initiative launched by the Schmidt Ocean Institute and Nekton to deepen people’s relationship to the Ocean by galvanising connections and tangible initiatives within all major sectors of global culture. The aim is to interweave the arts, fashion, sport, music, gaming, film, social media, literature, and food with the undersea world to inspire a new generation of Ocean ambassadors.

By intertwining the Ocean with popular culture and by ensuring that Ocean themes seep into all walks of life, Ocean Rising will create wonder for the undersea world to inspire its protection.

The Ocean Rising Alliance

The Ocean Rising Alliance is a collaborative network of partners spanning all areas of culture promoting Ocean empathy and support through their work.  If you would like to take on the challenge to inspire your audiences with the Ocean please get in touch. We can help you on this quest with creative ideas, compelling content, connections to Ocean experts, captivating imagery, and much more. 

Ocean Rising Projects

Several Ocean Rising projects are underway, including a global fashion brand launching an Ocean-inspired collection, musicians joining a deep sea research cruise and creating music inspired by their experiences, and workshops promoting the role of the Ocean for game developers and writers.  Many more are in development.

Dive In

The paper below takes prior recommendations on how to inspire the public and puts them into an actionable framework, engaging five different industries: the arts; broadcast media, social media & gaming, and business & industry. Each sector plays a critical role in defining our diverse cultures and shaping human behavior. We encourage readers to explore each section individually or read in its entirety, and to share widely with those who have not yet engaged with the Ocean. Our hope is that we can familiarize the public with the Ocean – not just making them aware of its plight but engaging them with innovative and inspiring solutions.

Ocean Rising White Paper: Recommendations on Inspiring the Public
Ocean Rising Virtual Workshop Results
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on Inspiring People to Feel Connected to the Ocean

Vogue Article on Jenny Packham’s 2024 Resort Line Inspired by the Ocean and Ocean Rising

Join Us

To find out more or get involved, please contact us at info@oceanrising.org.