Schmidt Ocean Institute annually convenes leading ocean researchers, technology developers, and operations experts from around the world to help inform our research planning through symposiums and workshops.

2023 Virtual Symposium


Our 2023 virtual symposium, Setting the Course, will be in the form of a webinar series with live Question & Answer (Q&A) discussions for each of five topics, providing an opportunity to ask questions regarding these exciting updates and changes. For each topic, there is a video to view prior to the town hall-style Q&A waypoint sessions with Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) staff. Questions can be submitted ahead of time or during the live waypoint sessions. The recorded waypoint sessions will be posted within a few weeks for anyone who was not able to participate in a live Q&A live session.

Ocean Rising

The Quest to Inspire the Public

This program will take (and make!) recommendations on how to inspire the public and put them into an actionable framework, engaging five different industries: the arts; broadcast media; social media; sports and gaming; and business and industry. Each sector plays a critical role in defining our diverse cultures and shaping human behavior. We encourage readers to explore each section individually or read in its entirety, and to share widely with those who have not yet engaged with the ocean. Our hope is that we can familiarize the public with the ocean – not just making them aware of its plight but engaging them with innovative and inspiring solutions.

2021 SOI Symposium

Beyond the Cruise – Looking Back for the Decade Ahead

On February 17th – 18th, 2021 Schmidt Ocean Institute held its first virtual symposium showcasing the on-going impacts of past expeditions across the globe and highlighting future initiatives on technology, ocean research, and exploration. Check out the symposium through this story map.

2018 Planning Workshop

Data Analytics to Restore Coral Reefs and Rehabilitate Coastal Marine Ecosystems

On June 19th – 21st, 2018 Schmidt Ocean Institute convened collaborating experts including ocean researchers, ecosystem managers, and entrepreneurs with hands-on experience in effective coral reef ecosystem conservation and management, along with experts in scalable data technologies. The small group explored organizational and analytical patterns common for successful ecosystem management applications and how modern data technology can advance and transform practical rehabilitation of coral reefs and related coastal ecosystems. The goal of this meeting was to help inform Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) in pursuing a strategic initiative to accelerate research, conservation, and restoration of coral reefs and associated marine ecosystems with an infusion of scalable, cost efficient, data-driven, and easy to adopt technical innovation.

2017 Planning Workshop

Coral Reef Survey Initiative

On October 30th and 31st, 2017 Schmidt Ocean Institute convened collaborating experts from the global community of ocean researchers and technology developers to help inform about some of the current coral reef research for possible new program and technology development areas. This report provides a summary of recommendations obtained to inform the evaluation and preliminary planning of a coral reef conservation and research initiative. The outcomes will also help identify possible directions and opportunities for our 2020 call for proposals.

2015 Planning Workshop

Transforming Seagoing Science with Robotic Platforms, Innovative Software Engineering, and Data Analytics

On August 25th and 26th, 2015 Schmidt Ocean Institute convened 27 collaborating experts to help keep program development guidelines, priority research and technology development areas, and performance metrics well informed with input from the global community of ocean researchers and technology development experts. The outcomes will help identify critical directions and opportunities for accelerating ocean science with innovative technology research and development in preparation for our 2016 field season, 2017 proposal reviews, and call for proposals for 2018.

2014 Planning Workshop

Critical opportunities for advanced shipboard oceanography in 2017 planning workshop

On August 19th and 20th, 2014 Schmidt Ocean Institute convened a focused group of international experts to discuss and identify critical opportunities for technologically advanced shipboard oceanography in the next three to five years.

2013 Research Symposium

Accelerating the pace of ocean science through technological advancement and open sharing of information

On November 1-2, 2013, at the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu, Schmidt Ocean Institute held its first research symposium. The symposium brought together collaborators, advisers, and thought leaders from the United States and abroad to discuss how the latest technological innovations; globally expanding connectivity; and cultural shifts towards transparency and open sharing of research outcomes in ocean sciences can be best leveraged to accelerate our understanding of the oceans and catalyze meaningful change on a global scale.