Length Overall 110.6 meters
Length between perpendiculars 97.8 meters
Beam, overall 20.0 meters
Height above water 33.0 meters
Freeboard 2.9 – 3.5 meters
Draft (gondola) 8.5 meters
Draft (air)  32.4 meters
Depth (moulded) 9.81 meters
International Gross Tonnage 7,257 GRT
Net Tonnage 2,250 NRT
Fuel Capacity 1715 m3 / 453,100 gallons
Mess Seating 60
Maximum Speed 13 knots
Cruising Speed 8.5 knots
Survey Speed 6.0 knots
Endurance 60-120 day maximum
Polar Operations Ice Class-C, Polar Ship Certificate (Pending)
Year Built / Year Converted 2011 / 2022
Core sample in clam starfish bed in a seep associated habbitat Astoria Canyon June 14th 2019

Labs & Work Areas

Over 200 square meters of lab space


Ocean Science Platforms

Remotely Operated Vehicles 4,500 meter SuBastian, Saab Seaeye Falcon, and Lander System


Mapping & Acoustics

Multibeam sonar systems, multi-frequency bottom and midwater sonars, and non-sonar acoustics

Falkor (too) sits in Freire Shipyard, Vigo, where the final stages of the refit are underway. On the main mast, workers install sensors which will be used to gather navigational data at sea.

Vessel Connections

Power / Network / Instrumentation

Image 2: The CTD aboard the Falkor(too).

Water Sampling Carousel

Sea-Bird Electronics 911plus system with 24 twelve-liter Niskin Bottles

FalkorToo Bow Rodriguez 110322 2907

Meteorology Suite

Standard sensors package with surface PAR radiometer

Researchers plan to use Plan is to use 2 MBARI Dorado-class AUVs (up to 18-hour dives mapping at 3 knots). They will be outfitted with multiple types of sonar, as well as a magnetometer. Image Courtesy MBARI.

Launch & Recovery Systems

Deployment and working decks

Taigh MacManus (2nd Officer), Elizabeth Corkerton (Deckhand) and Archel Benitez (Lead Deckhand) carry out the first step of SPIP (Surface Processes Instrument Platform) recovery. In Atreyu, they must position themselves next to the buoy in order to attach the lifing line. Easier said than done in choppy water, but, having done this every day for the past two weeks, the team make it look efortless.


6.3 meter, 350 HP support craft

Jason Garwood (Chief Officer), silhouetted against the evening sky, as he and his team take Falkor (too) into the Atlantic.

Interior Spaces

Coming Soon