R/V Falkor (too) hosts a Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) rosette system for characterizing physical and chemical parameters of the ocean. It carries a Sea-Bird Electronics 911plus CTD system on a rosette carrying 24 twelve-liter Niskin Bottles. CTD sensor configurations are customized for each cruise requesting CTD use and may include:

  • Two temperature sensors (SBE 4)
  • Two conductivity sensors (SBE 3+)
  • Two dissolved oxygen sensors (SBE 43)
  • Fluorometer (chlorophyll a)/Turbidity Meter (WetLabs ECO FLNTUD)
  • Transmissometer (WetLabs C-star)
  • Altimeter
  • PAR sensor (Biospherical QSP-2350)
  • Pumps, plumbing and bottle tripping carousel necessary for the proper functioning of the sensors and Niskin Bottles.
  • Bottles come standard with epoxy coated springs and buna-N O-rings.

All sensors, except the PAR sensor, are rated to 6800 meters. The PAR sensor is limited to 2000 meters.

Niskin bottle petcock barbs are for ⅜” ID tubing.