R/V Falkor (too) Working Decks and Deployment Systems

The vessel provides a tremendous amount of space and tools for deploying systems to study the ocean. The 900 square meter (9,678 square feet) aft deck hosts the large moon pool, and winches and frames for over-the-side deployments. The vessel’s 20.9 meter diameter helideck can support vertical take-off and landing vehicles up to 12.8 tons.


The hangar is divided into the following sections:

  • CTD Hanger (port side)
  • ROV Hanger (starboard side)
  • Moonpool (mid-ships)
  • Observation ROV Hanger (starboard side)

Winch and Wire

CTD / J-Frame

3.25 tonne winch spooled with 0.322″ electromechanical wire


ROV LARS, 6.5 tonne capacity (max rating 12.0 tonne)

Aft deck center 30 tonne capacity at 7.7 meter reach. Spooled with a custom Cortland wire with active heave compensation and a maximum working load of approximately 6,500kg.

Science Utility Winch

Small science winch: custom-modified ECO-2000
Can be configured with either, 0.322″ electromechanical wire or ¼” Sampson Amsteel Blue synthetic line
Maximum Capability Document (MCD).


Offshore crane with Active Heave Compensation, 2,900 m of wire, 150 tonne capacity, 150 tonne capacity @ 10 meter reach, 80 tonne capacity @ 18 meter reach, 25 tonne capacity @ 35 meter reach. Also supports the Main Deck mid-ship 7.2 meter x 7.2 meter moon pool

Folding cranes (one port and one starboard side) 1.3 tonne at 16 meter reach

Gantry cranes (one port and one starboard side) 5 tonne at 16 meter reach

ROV LARS Cursor System for 5.4 m x 5.4 m moon pool, 12 tonne capacity with a winch capacity of 4,700 ø 39.5 mm umbilical

Other Winches and Wires

The science party may bring other winches and wires aboard on a cruise-by-cruise basis and must be requested at the proposal stage.


Support for 12.8 tons of equipment


Aft deck 7.2 x 7.2 meter moon pool

Hanger 5.4 x 5.4 meter moon pool with a cursor deployment system