Page: Executive Director’s Note – Chapter 6, 2023

Executive Director’s Note As the end of the year approaches, it is a time to reflect on all we have achieved together during this dynamic and memorable year. In March, Schmidt Ocean Institute launched Falkor (too), a state-of-the-art research vessel, on its mission of science and exploration. Our shakedown cruises this year have uncovered many … Continued

Page: Open Source Publications – Chapter 6, 2023

Open Source Publications Manuscripts from some of our earliest expeditions, which took place in 2012 and 2013, were published this summer, demonstrating that data collected from R/V Falkor continues to provide new knowledge to the scientific community. Separation of an upwelling current bounding the Juan de Fuca Eddy In 2013, R/V Falkor investigated the region … Continued

Page: SOI’s Ship-to-Shore Program – Chapter 6, 2023

SOI Launches Updated Ship-to-Shore Program for New School Year A new online sign-up system or SOI’s Ship-to-Shore program has been launched. Schools, museums, aquariums, senior facilities, and community groups can request either small group connections or register for a Virtual Assembly. The Ship-to-Shore connection is a free immersive learning experience that has been reformatted for … Continued

Page: SOI Expeditions – Chapter 6, 2023

Announcing 2024 Expeditions The Southeast Pacific Basin, off South America, is one of the most tectonically active areas in the Pacific Ocean. The Chile-Peru Subduction Zone stirs off the continental shelf, where the Nazca tectonic plate dives under the South America plate, forming volcanoes and the 8000-meter-deep Chile-Peru trench. Wind patterns along the South American … Continued

Page: Partner Spotlight – Chapter 6, 2023

120 Years of GEBCO The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) was initiated by Prince Albert I of Monaco in 1903, making this year the organization’s 120th anniversary. GEBCO is working to freely provide the world with the most comprehensive and accurate seafloor maps. They have a series of publicly available bathymetric data sets … Continued

Page: Coming Together- Chapter 6, 2023

SOI-led Sessions at 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting Wikipedia Edit-a-thon & Town Hall Women and non-binary persons are under-represented in Ocean science, and their accomplishments are shared even less. This Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is a collaboration between MTS/IEEE and SOI and will empower volunteers who want to contribute to promoting the accomplishments of women and non-binary individuals … Continued

Page: Artist’s Corner – Chapter 6, 2023

Artist-at-Sea Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger Displays Work at The Barn Gallery 2021 Artist-at-Sea Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger held a new exhibit in August and September based on her reflections from the Seafloor to Seabirds in the Coral Sea expedition. Aquatic Vertical: Examining the Opposition of Time in Undersea Landscapes was exhibited at The Barn Gallery in Victoria, Australia and … Continued

Page: In the News – Chapter 6, 2023

 Here are some of the articles on SOI from this quarter. Deep Sea Dive from a Desk Uncovers Three New Species, 2023-06-16 An article from Phys.Org on three new species of carnivorous sponges described by Dr. Merrick Ekins of the Queensland Museum, who virtually participated in the “Seamounts, Canyons & Reefs of the Coral Sea” … Continued

Page: Digital Swag – Chapter 6, 2023

Recipes: Enjoy a delectable autumn dish from the R/V Falkor (too) chefs — creamy celeriac soup with coriander pesto. Spotify playlist – Come Monday, we’ll take a Trip Around the Sun, because we all deserve a Cheeseburger in Paradise. This newsletter’s Spotify playlist is dedicated to the king of tropical rock music, Jimmy Buffet. SOI … Continued

Page: Imagery in the Open – Chapter 6, 2023

SOI Sails through Times Square To close out New York Climate Week, footage from two SOI expeditions in the Galápagos Islands, Hydrothermal Vents of the Western Galápagos and Vertical Reefs of the Galápagos lit up Times Square in September. SOI partnered with Nasdaq and the Charles Darwin Foundation to project 10 minutes of highlights on … Continued