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In the News To the Sea and Beyond and Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Exploration of the Seas Two articles were featured in the Fall 2022 edition of ECO Magazine: an introductory opinion piece written by SOI’s co-founder, Wendy Schmidt on ocean exploration (pg 9), and an editorial on R/V Falkor (too)’s refit co-written by SOI’s Executive … Continued

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Digital Swag Click through to get your virtual swag bag including: Recipes from the Galley – Check out recipes provided by our R/V Falkor (too) chefs: Carrot Cake and Polish Sour Pickle Soup! SOI Zoom Background/Wallpaper – In preparation for R/V Falkor (too)’s much anticipated launch, we are excited to release a custom illustrated and … Continued

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SOI Imagery in the Open Schmidt Ocean Institute licenses imagery from ROV SuBastian at no cost. Our videos and pictures are used for an impressive array of projects from coffee table books to projections during concerts. Click through some examples below.  A new coffee table book, Ocean: Exploring the Marine World, by Phaidon Press is … Continued

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The New Dive Vault The Dive Vault application developed by SOI’s Data Architect, Corinne Bassin, and SOI’s first Data Intern, Bailey Skinner, was created with the intention of making ROV SuBastian archival livestream dive videos more interactive and to provide geographic context for each dive.  The map displays deep sea dives performed by ROV SuBastian … Continued

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“No Species is an Island” The Australian streetwear brand, Jungles Jungles, and Nautilus Ocean, a branch of Nautilus Magazine, have partnered to create the clothing line, “No Species is an Island,” with the intention of raising awareness for Ocean conservation and the 30×30 Campaign. The 30×30 campaign is an initiative focused on reserving 30% of … Continued

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Falkor (too) Update The R/V Falkor (too) refit period is nearing completion as the team has added science equipment to the vessel and the newly blue and white ship has entered initial sea trials. There have been many milestones in recent months – the completion of the outdoor lounge, the addition of Starlink, and the … Continued

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Ocean Rising and the Fashion Big Think with Nekton On October 12th, professionals from the fashion industry gathered in London to brainstorm how best to incorporate the Ocean into the fashion world with representatives from organizations like Apparel Impact, The R Collective, and Conde Nast. Jointly led by SOI and Nekton,  a plenary conversation kicked … Continued

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2023 Expedition Preview In 2023, the neverending journey continues, as Falkor (too) sails across the Atlantic to Puerto Rico and begins its mission as a vessel dedicated and designed for science. Our first expedition will explore the mid-Atlantic Ridge – an underwater mountain range approximately four times the length of the North American Rockies. The … Continued

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Introduction – Fall 2022 Greetings and welcome to chapter two of The Neverending Newsletter – Schmidt Ocean Institute’s recently launched quarterly publication. It has been a busy autumn at SOI with our co-hosting of two workshops – one on Open Ocean Data Sharing with the Ditchley Foundation, and the other on bringing the Ocean into … Continued

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