News: Scientists Locate Chilé’s Deepest Known Cold Seeps

Research expedition locates chemical ecosystems supporting life in the deep off the coast of Antofagasta. Video and photos are available here. ANTOFAGASTA, Chile— Scientists on a research expedition onboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor (too) have located Chile’s deepest and most northern cold seeps. At 2836 meters deep, the seeps provide chemical energy for deep-sea … Continued

News: Scientists Find Pristine Ecosystems on High-Seas Seamounts

Deep-sea coral reefs, sponge gardens, and the deepest photosynthesizing coral in the world found along the Salas y Gómez Ridge Video and photos are available here ANTOFAGASTA, Chile –  An international team of scientists observed 160 species on the Salas y Gómez Ridge that had not yet been known to live in the region and … Continued

News: Find us at the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference

The UN Ocean Decade Conference is a global forum where governments, leaders, maritime sectors, universities, NGOs, the private sector, and civil society will meet and new collaborations will be fostered, spurred by rich dialogue between science, policy, and society. Explore the Schmidt Ocean Institute events and talks below, or click here to view the full … Continued

A bathymetric image of a recently discovered seamount.

News: Four New Seamounts Discovered in the High Seas

Tallest of underwater features discovered by crew of research vessel Falkor (too) stands over 1.5 miles high Video and photos available here. VALPARAISO, Chile – The crew of Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor (too) discovered four underwater mountains — the tallest of which is over 1.5 miles high — on a January transit from … Continued

News:  Scientists Discover Four New Species of Deep-Sea Octopus

Unexpected octopus diversity found in Costa Rica’s deep sea, along with a new deep-sea skate nursery. Video and photos available here. Puntarenas, Costa Rica – Scientists aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor (too) have discovered at least four new deep-sea octopus species in a 100-square-mile-sized area off Costa Rica.  The international science team discovered the … Continued