Page: Schmidt Ocean Institute 2021 Expeditions

Pinging in the New Year: Mapping the Tasman and Coral Seas  Tasman and Coral Sea, Australia January/February Schmidt Ocean Institute – in partnership with The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 and alongside collaborating researchers from Australia – brought in the New Year on a mission: mapping significant areas of the seafloor of the Tasman and Coral … Continued

Log Post: Ashmore Reef – History and Recovery

Ship time for this amazing expedition exploring the mysterious depths of Western Australia’s Ashmore Reef has finished up, so this blog is about what we know – and what we do not know – about this biodiversity hotspot. Where is Ashmore Reef Marine Park? Ashmore Reef is just one of many isolated reefs on the … Continued

Log Post: How do Corals Exist in Low-Light Environments?

I have known for some time that I wanted to be involved in coral research. I love diving underwater and entering that vibrant, alien-like world. I am naturally overcurious, passionate, and determined to solve the mysteries of our world’s threatened ecosystems. Chasing those extraordinary experiences has always been my thing, so when my supervisor pitched … Continued

Log Post: The Landscape as a Character 

The expedition began with a two-day transit from Darwin to Ashmore Reef, slowly mapping the ocean floor with its rises and falls. During this time, I experienced just how infinite the ocean is, overwhelming in its magnitude. The unveiling of these unknown reef systems ignited such curiosity, and I was ready to be immersed in … Continued

Log Post: Seeing the Sea in 3D

I am a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Marine Science and Technology at Curtin University in Western Australia. My research focuses on underwater acoustics and the marine environment, particularly mapping the seafloor habitat. I use a range of sensor technologies and platforms, from satellite imagery to echo-sounders on boats. I am very interested … Continued

Log Post: Science Stories: 3D at Ashmore Reef – Video Update

Dr Iain Parnum is using advanced cameras and image processing techniques on the #TwilightCoral​ expedition to produce 3D maps of the reef systems in Ashmore Reef Marine Park. Check out the newest #ScienceStories​ to learn more about how hundreds of photos are put together to create powerful visualizations of coral reefs. 

Log Post: Beyond Scuba: The New Frontier for Museum Collecting

This July marks 20 years for me working at the Western Australian Museum. It has been a fantastic journey so far, working with animals and visiting places very few get to see. My primary role at the museum is caring for, and registering the extensive Mollusc Collection, a diverse group that in the marine waters … Continued

Log Post: Connection with Nature – Video Update

“My artworks are based around nature and connection with nature: How that effects our identities, independent and as a collective community.” Go behind the scenes with #ArtistAtSea Ellie Hannon as she describes her experience working with #TwilightCoral scientists while on Research Vessel Falkor. She discusses how her artistic process works in tandem with this research, … Continued

Log Post: Collecting Coral and Creatures on Ashmore Reef – Video Update

“The baseline data we are collecting here is going to be really important more broadly for understanding mesophytic reefs.” “We are really keen to understand how they are going to be effected from climate change and environmental change, so this is a really good opportunity to collect the baseline data to start to understand those … Continued

Log Post: The Work of Masters

I started my preparation for our Twilight Coral expedition aboard R/V Falkor by learning about Ashmore Reef and the science party I would be joining. Despite knowing the name, I actually had no idea that I was about to set off on an expedition to visit the jewel in the crown of Australia’s 58 protected … Continued