Person: Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee is a marine ecologist specialising in the study of the meiobenthos, organisms less than a millimetre in size that live in marine sediments. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Centro i~mar, Universidad de Los Lagos in Puerto Montt, southern Chile. His main research interests are the diversity and ecology of the … Continued

Person: Les Watling

Les Watling is Professor of Biology at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and Emeritus Professor of Oceanography at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center. His interests range from ecology of marine sediment communities, community analysis of seamounts in the deep-sea, global biogeography of bathyal and abyssal areas of the ocean, to taxonomy of … Continued

Person: Javier Sellanes

Javier Sellanes is a Full Professor at the Department of Marine Biology at the Faculty of Marine Sciences, Universidad Católica del Norte (FCM-UCN), Chile, and an Associate Researcher at the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands. He is also the Director of the Aquarium and Museum at FCM-UCN, and its associated Biological … Continued

Person: Marcela Hey Aravena

As a Rapa Nui woman, I have always been connected to the sea, which, for us as islanders is a source of food, tradition, and culture. As islanders the ocean is a source of nourishment, tradition, and culture. Since childhood, I have had a deep curiosity for the sea and its biodiversity. From an early … Continued

Person: Serafina Heirangi Moulton Tepano

Serafina Heirangi Moulton Tepano is a Rapanui multidisciplinary artist who has studied ancestral navigation with the Maori of Aotearoa. She excels as a traditional educator, preserving her native language and passing it on to the children of the island. In addition to her commitment to teaching, Serafina has a passion for surfing and a profound … Continued

Person: Ariadna Mecho

Ariadna Mecho is a researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS, Spain). She was awarded a PhD in Marine Science from the Institute of Marine Science in Barcelona (ICM, Spain). After that, she was a postdoctoral researcher for the Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands (ESMOI) at the Universidad Católica del … Continued

Person: Matías Portflitt Toro

Matías Portflitt Toro is a Marine Biologist with a Master in Marine Science, both degrees received from the Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile. He is currently coordinator of the outreach area of the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands – ESMOI and the BiodUCCT Project of the Faculty of Marine Sciences, … Continued

Person: Claudia Berardi

A theater graduate from La Mancha School, she completed a master’s degree in audiovisual production at the School of Audiovisual Media in Barcelona, “Nou Prodigi.” Her career in audiovisual production began in 2012 in Barcelona, working on the production of advertising campaigns and music videos. In 2020, she founded “Joroba Films” in Rapa Nui, directing … Continued

Person: Emilia Ra’a Palma Tuki

Emilia Ra’a Palma Tuki is a recent graduate of the Universidad Católica del Norte with a degree in Marine Biology. She is proud to be the first Rapa Nui Marine Biologist, always capturing and representing her roots. She is currently working in the Planning and Action Studies Unit for the Marine Space of the Municipality … Continued

Person: Patricia Esquete

Patricia Esquete is assistant Researcher at the Biology Department and Centre of Marine and Environmental Studies of the University of Aveiro (Portugal). She has a BS in Marine Biology for the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, a Ms in Oceanography by the Universidad de Cádiz, a Ms in Anthropology for the Universidad Nacional de Educación … Continued