Person: Ella Sinclair

Ella Sinclair has just completed her undergraduate degree, graduating from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and minoring in Earth Science and Wild Life Ecology. Ella plans on doing persuing post graduate study, focusing on Coral Reef research and Conservation Management, in tropical and coastal areas in the Pacific. … Continued

Person: Helen Bostock

Dr Helen Bostock is a marine geologist and biogeochemical oceanographer. She uses a range of different datasets to understand the modern and past changes in ocean circulation. These include bathymetric data, sediment samples and cores, plankton (microfossils), deep sea corals, hydrographic (temperature, salinity, oxygen) and other water chemistry data (nutrients and carbonate parameters). She is … Continued

Cruise: Ice Age Geology of the Great Barrier Reef

The upper continental slope and shelf edge of the southern Great Barrier Reef is largely unknown and poorly mapped. After a successful expedition mapping the northern Great Barrier Reef, R/V Falkor will traverse to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The goal of the expedition is to explore ancient undersea … Continued

News: Schmidt Ocean Institue Names 10-Member Advisory Board

SCHMIDT OCEAN INSTITUTE NAMES 10-MEMBER ADVISORY BOARD Panel of International Experts in Science, Maritime Operations, Communications Convened MENLO PARK, Calif. – Nov 17, 2020 — Schmidt Ocean Institute announced today it has named a 10-member advisory board of international experts in science, maritime operations and communications. The board members, who will serve three-year terms, will … Continued

Log Post: Stunning Complexity – Video Update

“The mapping has completely exceeded our expectations.” The second leg of the #EdgeGBR expedition was packed with discoveries and spectacular encounters. The discovery of the previously unknown 500 meter tall detached reef was an amazing chapter in our still developing conception of the seafloor. “All of the new mapping we have achieved on this expedition … Continued

Log Post: Islands and reefs of the Coral Sea Marine Park

The Coral Sea Marine Park is one of the largest marine parks in the world, covering just under one million km². The coral reefs in the marine park are scattered like tear drops in the vast blue ocean and make up around 1% of the total area. Isolated cays, sandy fragments of rock and coral, … Continued

Page: ROV SuBastian

ROV Subastian Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian is a robotic vehicle capable of diving to 4500 meters and designed and built specifically for ocean science off of Research Vessel Falkor. The ROV is outfitted with a suite of sensors and specialized equipment to support scientific data and sample collection, as well as interactive research, experimentation, and … Continued

Log Post: Finding the Edge – Video Update

What is the edge of the Great Barrier Reef? How will researchers on Falkor find and define it? “For an area that is so well-known worldwide, we are blazing a trail into the unknown.” Find out about the technology and approach behind the quest to map areas around Australia’s continental shelf.