Person: Jacquomo Monk

Dr Jacquomo Monk is a quantitative marine spatial ecologist with joint appointments with Austral Research and Consulting and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania. For over a decade Jac has worked in the private and university sectors applying his advanced skills in spatial and quantitative statistics to a range … Continued

Person: Scott Nichol

Scott is Director of Marine and Antarctic Geoscience at Geoscience Australia. He is a marine geoscientist with over 25 years post-PhD experience working on coastal and marine environments, with a focus on seabed geomorphology, sediment dynamics and geology. He has led numerous marine surveys, including within the Marine Biodiversity Hub under the CERF, NERP and … Continued

Log Post: Video Wrap Up – Setting a High Bar

Discoveries using remote sensing technologies – like multibeam sonar – are amazing, but it is another thing to actually have a camera, a presence, in never-before-seen locations. Take a look back to learn from and experience some of the most memorable moments of the #VisioningCoralSea expedition, guided by the researchers themselves. 

Cruise: Seamounts, Canyons & Reefs of the Coral Sea

As ocean temperatures increase, a pressing global challenge in marine science is to better understand the distribution and characteristics of the critical habitats that support mesophotic and deep-water coral communities. Following the previous Visioning the Coral Sea Marine Park expedition, a similar team of scientists led by Drs. Brendan Brooke, Geoscience Australia, and Robin Beaman, James Cook … Continued

Log Post: Exploring the Coral Sea ‘Twilight Zone’

The ‘Visioning the Coral Sea’ expedition has provided an unprecedented look at the habitats and biology of the deep Coral Sea. This huge oceanic wilderness contains many large atolls, most of which are virtually unexplored. In fact, the only reef that has been explored in any detail, at least beyond a depth of ~150 m, … Continued

Person: Dhugal Lindsay

Dr. Dhugal Lindsay is an Australian working in Japan at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and several universities. His research focuses on mid-water ecology, particularly concentrating on gelatinous organisms that are too fragile to be sampled by conventional methods. He is also heavily involved in developing the technologies to study these organisms in situ. Dr. Lindsay has taken … Continued

Person: Dean Miller

Dr. Dean Miller is a scientist, multi-media professional, BBC television presenter and an Australian Geographic sponsored explorer. With a Ph.D. in coral reef management, tourism and resource allocation and a wealth of scientific experience in the field from Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere in between, Dean’s scientific research career has been rich and diverse. … Continued

Log Post: Studying Sharks in the Coral Sea ~ Science@Sea Seminar

“It’s awesome you guys are out there doing all this. It is data we’ve never had… it is just mind-blowing watching everything.” Richard Fitzpatrick (Biopixel/James Cook University) gave a Seminar@Sea for the crew aboard Research Vessel Falkor about research that has been conducted regarding several shark species in and around the Coral Sea Marine Sea … Continued