Log Post: Understanding An Elusive Species

At the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries), we are responsible for the conservation, protection, and recovery of marine mammals in U.S. waters. In order to fulfill this mission we need to learn as much as we can about the protected species. This is easier for some species than others. In Hawaii we have four … Continued

Log Post: Listening To Whales Wrap Up Video

“We can’t conserve something that we don’t know anything about, so the more that we learn about all of these species, the better we can understand where they are… and how our activities impact them, as well as how we can reduce those impacts.” There are many mysteries regarding the beaked whales of Hawaii – … Continued

Log Post: Sailing Past Hump Day

As we pass the midpoint of our cruise, and after, quite literally, sailing past ‘hump day’, it is time to take a look over what has been achieved over the last few days. Following a ~15 hour transit to our first site on Tuesday, and continual observations for whales throughout daylight hours, work began at … Continued

Log Post: A Student Offshore

My name is Kyra, and I was chosen as the student opportunities participant for the “Listening For Cryptic Whales Species” cruise. Being a recent graduate from Hawaii Pacific University, this was a huge opportunity for me. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, so this specific cruise was perfectly placed for my main … Continued

Log Post: Hold Fast to a Talisman

Monkey Island is my new hangout. This is an actual place on board the ship, located at the very top above the bridge. I pinch myself: I am sailing through the Hawaiian Islands on the R/V Falkor! It is here on Monkey Island that a group of scientists spend hours in the sun scanning the … Continued

Page: Apply for Support

Call for Expressions of Interest in Collaboration with Schmidt Ocean Institute Coming Soon Our Call for Expressions of Interest are expected to open in early 2020 Our cruise plan and science activity is currently scheduled for 2021 and early 2022. Follow us on social media and/or consider joining our mailing list to recieve updates!

Log Post: Developing a Design

Reflecting back on the “Designing the Future” expedition, it is hard to imagine things having gone any better. We were fortunate to have good weather – an important factor! But more importantly, we had an amazing team on the ship to guide and support our science and engineering goals. It was an honor to work … Continued

Log Post: Massive Mysteries

Oceanographers, marine biologists, acoustic researchers, a Student Opportunities Participant, and an Artist-At-Sea: the team of the ‘Listening for Cryptic Whales Species’ cruise has come on board for an exciting cruise that focuses on investigating species of whales around the main Hawaiian Islands. This includes species of beaked whales, which have been called “the least understood … Continued

Log Post: Inspired by the Unexpected

After five days at sea I am headed home to Rhode Island and looking forward to returning to the studio with new insight. One of my favorite things about being an artist is being able to take a flexible approach to research, and having the liberty to be inspired by the unexpected. Watching live footage … Continued