Page: ROV Dives – Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Pescadero Basin

During a 2018 expedition aboard R/V Falkor, Drs. David Caress, Ron Spelz-Madero, Raquel Negrete-Aranda, and Victoria Orphan, alongside a team of interdisciplinary researchers and engineers, explored the recently discovered Auka Vent Field. The Auka Vent field is a series of hydrothermal vents located in Pescadero Basin, one of several small ocean basins in the tectonically active Gulf of … Continued

Log Post: Una Historia Contada por Rocas

English translation below.  Los cruceros oceanográficos siempre generan mucha expectativa en la comunidad científica. Poder realizar inmersiones en las profundidades del mar, observar organismos que viven en condiciones extremas de presión y temperatura, descubrir chimeneas hidrotermales o nuevas especies de flora y fauna que surgen alrededor de estas, suelen ser las experiencias más emocionantes durante … Continued

Log Post: Architecture of the Depths

Traducción al español a continuación In all of the known universe, Earth is the only planet that hosts not only life, but also liquid water on its surface. Our oceans, rich in marine life, cover approximately 71% of the Earth’s outermost layer, which geologists refer to as “The Crust” (Fig 1). Mapmaking technology, or cartography, … Continued

Log Post: Tectonics and Mapping – Video Update

“Our aim is to acquire high-resolution images of the seafloor so we can better interpret all of the tectonic processes related to the ongoing opening of the Gulf of California along this region.” Leg One of the #PescaderoVentDiving2 expedition is all about tectonics and mapping. In this video, researchers on R/V Falkor explain what they … Continued

Person: Robert Zierenberg

Robert Zierenberg is an emeritus professor of Geology in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California-Davis.  His research has focused on water/rock interactions in hydrothermal systems, including submarine hot springs on the mid-ocean ridge spreading centers and active geothermal systems that produce electricity with low carbon emissions.  He was an undergraduate at … Continued

Log Post: El Horizonte No Esta Lejos

(English translation follows below) Es otoño, Venus una estrella del atardecer, y desde la cubierta del R/V Falkor podemos ver el relieve montañoso de la Bahía de La Paz. El desierto vestido de verde después de una larga temporada de lluvias. Mariposas, gaviotas y fragatas aún nos visitan desde la costa. Durante un breve tiempo, … Continued

News: Marine Technology Society, the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, Schmidt Ocean Institute Announce New Partnership, Including Support for an International Student Competition, at OCEANS 2021

WASHINGTON, DC —Marine Technology Society (MTS), the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) and Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), announced a new partnership today that will focus on the effective development and application of marine science and technology for purposes of exploration, understanding, and sustainable use of the ocean and its resources. The collaboration includes supporting student … Continued