Person: Alyson Ogasian

Aly Ogasian attempts to re-orient herself in a contemporary world dominated by data and technology, where the romantic and adventurous spirit of discovery has been lost or forgotten. In these zones, science and technology give rise to the nebulous, the enigmatic, the mysterious — the primary goal is to “make sense” rather than to objectively … Continued

Eldin Miller-Stead

Person: Eldin Miller-Stead

Eldin is an ROV pilot/technician for the Schmidt Ocean Institute. He lives in Victoria, BC, Canada, where he studies mechanical engineering at the University of Victoria. When he is not working on SuBastian, he works on much smaller ROV’s as a design engineer at Blue Robotics. Eldin is eager to learn and is passionate about … Continued

Log Post: A Little Bit of Everything

This cruise offered a little bit of everything: good weather, bad weather, smoothly functioning equipment, everything going nicely – and then unforeseen failures, technical “work-arounds” to get us diving again, and lots of beautiful images from the bottom of the sea. Mother Nature also confounded us a little, but gradually gave up some of her … Continued

Person: Brendan Roark

Dr. Brendan Roark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Texas A&M University. Brendan is a paleoceanographer whose research emphasis is in stable isotope biogeochemistry, trace metal analyses, and geochronology using radiocarbon and U/Th dating methods to study ocean and climate variability over the last 50,000 years. He has been doing research … Continued

Log Post: Let’s Dance!

As Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian begins its ascent back to R/V Falkor’s aft deck, scientists leave the Control Room and stretch their legs for the first time in several hours. This expedition to the Emperor Seamounts has proven an emotional test for the researchers, who had to deal with anticipation building up during the long transit … Continued

Log Post: Wrap Up Video – Deep Coral Diversity at Emperor Seamounts

“There is all kind of biodiversity down there that we don’t know about.” In the #DeepSeaDiveristy wrap up video, scientists and researchers share what they have learned in their visit to these previously unexplored areas. “We are visiting communities that are more than 2 km (1.2 miles) deep, and I think a lot of people … Continued