Australian Mesophotic Coral Examination

Mesophotic 4K Highlights – Video Update

SOI / ROV SuBastian
May. 07 2021

From tiny nudibranchs to swaying sea snakes and brilliant corals, the ROV highlights from the #TwilightCoral expedition are vivd, beautiful, and stunning.

Principal Investigator Dr. Karen Miller: “We have discovered so much about the mesophotic zone at Ashmore Reef during our expedition. The diversity on the seafloor is incredible, and we have explored everything from Halimeda beds, coral habitats, and sponge gardens to deep sand banks. Thanks to the amazing cameras on Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) SuBastian, we have seen some of the tiniest of creatures living on the seafloor, many just a few centimetres in size, and in more detail than we could have imagined.” The video below is well-worth watching in full 4K – enjoy!

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