Eddy Exploration and Ecosystem Dynamics

A Greater Understanding

SOI / Thom Hoffman
Apr. 13 2018

What is there left to say? The blogs that have been written about this cruise cover the breadth and depth of this amazing expedition. If you are like me and you start at the end of the expedition, working your way backwards, then I recommend you read them all. Get inspired. Look at the beautiful photos. Learn about the role of microbes in the ocean. Observe the advancement of ocean technology.

It has been an honor to be the chief scientist of this expedition. To see the scientists and engineers overcome many logistical difficulties to achieve the cruise objectives has been inspiring. The success of this expedition will motivate the scientists to prioritize and process their samples, share their datasets, and publish their findings. The samples that have been collected will tell us how marine microbial communities orientate themselves and each other in space and time. We need to understand these microscale processes in order to comprehend macroscale processes such as carbon cycling across the global ocean basins. And there has never been a greater need to understand these processes than the present day when the Earth is changing so rapidly.

This expedition is our contribution to achieving a greater understanding of the ocean ecosystem and we hope you enjoy reading about it.

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The research team and ship’s crew for Leg 2 gathers for a group photo on the bow of R/V Falkor.SOI / Thom Hoffman

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