Eddy Exploration and Ecosystem Dynamics

Cruise Log

Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of Eddy Exploration ~ Week 1 Video

Scientists and engineers from the Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology (SCOPE) and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) are exploring eddy features...

SOI / Thom Hoffman

Characterizing Eddies

From the heart of the cyclonic eddy, we turned the Falkor north and cruised to its edge. We found the counterclockwise spinning cyclonic eddy. Now...

SOI / Elisha M Wood-Charlson

Chasing Eddies

After a bumpy night of sailing from Kahe (West O‘ahu) to the south of O’ahu and Moloka‘i, avoiding [most of] the roughest seas in the...

Elisha M Wood-Charlson, University of Hawaii

Setting Off to Explore Eddies

Aloha from the Pacific Ocean! For the next month, we will be using some amazing autonomous robots to explore an ocean eddy in never before...