Eddy Exploration and Ecosystem Dynamics

Microbes and Machines ~ Week 03 Video

Elisa Malinverno / Angelicque White
Apr. 05 2018

“These eddy fields are fantastic natural laboratories. They are large enough that we are able to conduct simultaneous measurements using autonomous vehicles, profiling floats, and other instruments to take microbiology measurements, chemistry measurements, and geochemical measurements. These all come together so that we understand the living ecosystem of the eddy field.”

In our newest video, take a look at what the #MicrobeEddyBots team is doing at sea with cutting-edge technology to study organisms that comprise over 50% of the total biomass on planet earth!

This work is funded by Schmidt Ocean Institute, Simons Foundation, National Science Foundation (NSF), as well as the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Credit for microbe image – Elisa Malinverno / Angelicque White

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