Voyage to the White Shark Café

First Tags Surfacing ~ Video Update

Apr. 26 2018

“It is one of those moments that we have been building towards this whole time. We put out nearly 40 tags hoping that the sharks would be here… it is really exciting for us to see that the sharks are actually showing up at the time and the place we were hoping for.”

Today has been a very successful day! We had our first tag pop up in the White Shark Café, releasing from a five-meter female that was tagged November off Año Nuevo. When working with wild animals you can not control what they do or where they go, so when the tag surfaced today in the middle of the Café – right where researchers were hoping the sharks would be – there was a very joyful mood on board. R/V Falkor has charted her course and is now headed to the location of the tag.

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