Log Post: VPRII Observes Distinct Thermal Gradient Along Coastal Shelf

As the R/V Falkor continued its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic on Friday, July 20, the Video Plankton Recorder (VPRII) in tow observed a sharp temperature drop off at approximately 30-meter depth. Water above that thermal layer was about 9 degrees Celsius along the coastal shelf approximately 100 miles from the Newfoundland coastline. Below … Continued

Log Post: Abundant Net Tow Yield Consistent With VPRII Data

Researchers aboard the R/V Falkor, led by Chief Scientist Dr. Cabell Davis conducted a 1:30 p.m. plankton net tow that yielded a variety of species commonly found in North Atlantic waters, including Calanus glacialis, red copepods, and a gymnosome pteropod, sometimes called a “sea angel.” The net tow is a regularly scheduled event aboard the … Continued

Log Post: VPRII Observes Extensive Diatom Bloom

The results from our Video Plankton Recorder (VPRII) continue to please researchers aboard the first Falkor shakedown cruise. “We made our daily stop for a CTD cast and a plankton net tow, and the VPR was redeployed easily in calm seas,” said Dr. Cabell Davis, the mission’s Chief Scientist. “With three successful plankton tows for … Continued

News: Introductory presentation of the Schmidt Ocean Institute at C-MORE

The Schmidt Ocean Institute Director of Science Operations Dr. Victor Zykov will be making an introductory presentation about SOI at the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE), an NSF-funded Science and Technology Center designed to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the diverse assemblages of microorganisms in the sea.  C-MORE activities are dispersed … Continued

Person: Holly Lauridsen

Holly Lauridsen joined science communication team at Schmidt Ocean Institute after a decade of biomedical engineering research; Holly completed her undergraduate degree at Brown University and her doctorate at Yale University. Although Holly comes from an engineering background, she has always been fascinated by marine biology. As a native Oregonian, Holly often explored tide pools … Continued