Investigating Life without Oxygen in the Tropical Pacific

Video: Retrospective

Feb. 07 2016
A screenshot of the #LifeWoO2 Retrospective video summary.
A screenshot of the #LifeWoO2 Retrospective video summary.

“I like the fact that it is kind of an extreme environment. It is an environment that is hard to get to, and therefore it is understudied. Quite frequently, you bump into unexpected things.”

“I love the challenge of trying to understand a part of the world that is very significant: the blue-water oceans are a major component of the global eco-system. They are hard to get to because you have to travel a long ways to get to them, but they are so important because their area covers such an extent of the planet.”

The video wrap up of the “Life Without Oxygen in the Tropical Pacific” research cruise includes examinations of tools and philosophies used by the research crew.

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