Investigating Life without Oxygen in the Tropical Pacific

The Mission

SOI/ Mónika Naranjo González
Jan. 18 2016
The team watches the first CTD cast of the expedition.
The team watches the first CTD cast of the expedition.SOI/ Mónika Naranjo González

The science party and crew aboard R/V Falkor arrived at the first of sixteen stations on the expedition. The team deployed their first CTD rosette to look at oxygen levels in the ocean. Scientists and marine technicians gathered around the visual matrix to try and guess the amount of dissolved oxygen to be found. Everybody lost! O2 was significantly lower than expected: merely 12 umol / Kg. Learn more about oxygen minimum zones in the tropical Pacific with chief scientist Mak Saito and the rest of the science team as R/V Falkor sails from Honolulu, Hawaii to Papeete, Tahiti.

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