News: Serendipitous Side Trip

The Falkor team completed the first-ever high-resolution map of deep reefs near the island of Roatan in Honduras. This new resource can be used for many purposes, including to aid future research in the area on the corals and other animals found there, as well as also enabling increased conservation of the reefs. When Dr. … Continued

News: Coral Resilience to Climate Change

Outcomes of the research project supported by Schmidt Ocean Institute and conducted by Dr. Daniel Barshis are discussed in this week’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The project focused on coral reefs of American Samoa to determine what environmental characteristics aid corals in dealing with thermal stress. A set of field expeditions … Continued

News: S S Terra Nova discovered

August 13, 2012—Last month, during routine functional performance testing of the mutibeam mapping echosounders on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s flagship R/V Falkor, the team aboard—including researchers from the University of New Hampshire, Ifremer, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution—discovered the S.S. Terra Nova, a whaler, sealer and polar exploration ship that sunk off the southern coast … Continued

News: Introductory presentation of the Schmidt Ocean Institute at C-MORE

The Schmidt Ocean Institute Director of Science Operations Dr. Victor Zykov will be making an introductory presentation about SOI at the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE), an NSF-funded Science and Technology Center designed to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the diverse assemblages of microorganisms in the sea.  C-MORE activities are dispersed … Continued