Person: Arne Sturm

Arne Sturm is a Biogeochemist specializing in microbial interactions with the deep Biosphere, where redox processes involving iron and manganese are his main focus. Arne has only recently ventured into the field of Oceanography and was prior working in Limnology and Microbial geochemistry studying extreme environments abundant in iron and manganese. To detect the different … Continued

Person: Dana Yoerger

Dr. Dana Yoerger is a Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a researcher in robotics and unmanned vehicles. He supervises the research and academic program of graduate students studying oceanographic engineering through the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in the areas of control, robotics, and design. Dr. Yoerger has been a key contributor to … Continued

Person: Brian Glazer

Dr. Brian Glazer is an Associate Professor in the department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii Manoa. Brian’s research focuses on understanding the synergy between geochemical processes and microbial diversity and function. On this expedition, Brian will be exploring the cellular, chemical, and geological features of Loihi seamount, an area known for low oxygen with … Continued

Person: Paul Yancey

Dr. Paul H.Yancey is a Professor and the Carl E. Peterson Endowed Chair of Sciences at Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington, USA), where he teaches undergraduate courses in marine biology (for both biology and non-science majors), animal physiology, bioethics, and student research. Dr. Yancey is also Director of the Deep Sea for and runs … Continued

Person: Thomas Linley

Thomas is a Ph.D. candidate in zoology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He has been working with autonomous deep-sea landers for the last seven years and specialises in the scavenging fish that are attracted to them. Of particular interest to him are the boundaries and limits to where fish are found and why they … Continued

Person: Stuart Piertney

Stuart Piertney is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Aberdeen. He has over 25 years of experience using molecular genetic tools to explore aspects of the ecology, evolution and conservation of a broad taxonomic range of marine organisms. Professor Piertney’s focus on this cruise will be the hadal amphipods,asking questions about how the different … Continued

Person: Linda Tatreau

Best job on island!  Best job in the Pacific!  That’s how Linda Tatreau describes her twenty-five years teaching marine biology on the tropical island paradise of Guam.  Linda is also an advisor for Marine Mania, a group of high school students working to protect the marine environment for over 20 years.  Linda received her undergraduate … Continued

Person: Eleanna Grammatopoulou

Eleanna has a BSc honour in Marine biology and Oceanography (2011) from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Her undergraduate thesis focused on influences from anthropogenic disturbance and sediment type on benthic communities in Southern North Sea. Furthermore, in 2012 Eleanna got her MSc in Aquaculture and Environment in the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. … Continued

Person: Caitlin Plowman

Caitlin Plowman is a recent graduate of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology and will be beginning a Masters program there in January 2015, under the direction of Dr. Craig Young. Caitlin will be studying the reproduction and development of mussels found around cold seeps in the deep sea. During her undergraduate work, Caitlin went … Continued

Person: Clifton Nunnally

Dr. Clifton Nunnally is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa focused on creating new instruments capable of performing in situ experiments in ocean trenches. Dr. Nunnally successfully built and deployed an in situ respirometer that measured invertebrate respiration in the Kermadec Trench earlier this year. During this cruise to the Mariana … Continued