Nic has pursued a career in research and development, working on projects as diverse as inkjet-printed electronics, industrial robotics and automation, and theatrical lighting effects. He has spent months at sea supporting ambient-pressure electronics in the deepest trenches of the world ocean, and conducted three missions to service autonomous solar-diesel power plants operating at the high domes of the Antarctic plateau.

Most recently, he designed the power distribution systems and vehicle control networks for the Deepsea Challenger submersible, as well as an 11000m pressure-tolerant motor controller used to drive all thrusters and hydraulics on the vehicle. Nic now brings his experience in subsea electrical systems architecture, motor controllers, and battery management systems to the ROV program.

As a laboratory supervisor, student mentor, and the inventor and author of several Australian and U.S. patents, he has walked the fine line between industry and academia for many years. He is also an advocate for science education and resource conservation, believing these two areas to be closely linked.