Log Post: Scurvy Dogs and Sad Departures

Very short blog today.  Woke up for breakfast and leaped straight into action working with Leighton who then worked with Captain Heiko and Lars to innovate a new working bench into existence in the Hangar where Cindy and Max can sort and sample their shrimp (and hopefully mussel) collections from the forthcoming cruise. There simply … Continued

Log Post: This is Our Art

Did you miss us? Yesterday was a very cool day.  I woke up at 4am to the sound of the ship slowing to a halt with 2 hours to spare at the point where we were due to pick up the pilot who would bring us in to port in Jamaica.  And then I woke … Continued

Log Post: Father’s Day (in some countries)

Today is our transit day to Jamaica and last night our clocks went back to put us on Jamaica time (which, bizarrely, is East of Cayman but on the same time zone as Chicago). But I won’t complain because – ah, bliss! – I was able to go to bed last night without setting my … Continued

Log Post: Go Big or Go Home

Today’s out last day with the AUV and we have a cunning plan to end our exploration days with.  Up at 3:15 to watch the 4:00 am launch. 03h30: Call to Bridge to confirm 30 minute “countdown” to launch. 03h45: 15 minutes out and all systems are on track 03h56: All clear on Bridge, Deck … Continued

Log Post: Nereus With Attitude

Like all good things, Leg 1 of our expedition must come to an end.  But fear not, as Winston Churchill once said: this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  It is merely the end of the beginning. We’ll be back next week with Leg 2.  But before that, … Continued

Log Post: Refrigerator Art

When I was little, I remember spending hours listening to my Grandad’s tales of life on the ocean when he was a young man.  I never for a moment thought that I would ever head out to sea. Indeed, I remember by the age of ten or twelve being quite adamant that I wouldn’t.  But … Continued

Log Post: Mind, He Doesn’t Get Out Much

Suddenly, the whole ship seems to have its groove on and science is really clicking. By deciding to focus on our shallowest site, we are stepping up the pace to dive every day, starting at 04h00, and staying out as long as we’re allowed. Reminds me of Summer nights when I was about 10 and … Continued

Log Post: Lars & the Real Gannet

Another good day today.  I was up at 5am to join in with a CTD cast designed to land right over the hottest chimneys that we had mapped out at the Piccard hydrothermal field in 2012: at the Beebe Vents mound. To avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the engines we avoided using our Dynamic … Continued

Log Post: Deep Joy

It has been a long haul but today was a very good day.  Up just after 3am to make sure that all was well with the preparations for launch at 04h00 (the ship’s preferred hour for starting all AUV dives): I am probably thus a contender for the Golden Blanket award – the Nereusteam started … Continued

Log Post: Sunday Race Day

Hello there.  Did you miss me?  I’m afraid I have been feeling rather disoriented. Last night (or was it the night before) I was having a weird dream – I had got up in the middle of the night for a Nereus launch but then the dive went wrong and the vehicle had to come … Continued