News: New Agreement Expanding Availability of Falkor Data

Open sharing of data collected aboard Falkor is an integral part of the Schmidt Ocean Institute mission, but sharing data efficiently and accessibly is challenging. To better accomplish this mandate, Schmidt Ocean Institute is now partnering with Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) and the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS). Both programs were created to ensure maximum … Continued

Log Post: Back from the Tasman Sea

After 26 days at sea, the T-Beam crew has sailed back into port along the Derwent River, and tied up on land. We never expected this work to be easy – battling with the constant barrage of storms headed directly from the southern ocean – the Tasman Sea did not disappoint.

Log Post: Using Nebula to Solve Nebulous Problems

Out here in the Tasman Sea, chasing the internal tide involves a lot of detective work, piecing together clues from water velocity, temperature, and density to determine where exactly the tide beam is heading.

Log Post: Rollin’ in the Deep

This morning I was handed a small vial of water from the deepest reaches of the Tasman Sea (4800 meters deep, to be exact). So what, you ask?