The Seeping Cascadia Margin

Portholes To My Thoughts

Lizzy Taber / SOI
Jul. 30 2018

I grew up surrounded by water. The past two years I have been living in the desert and needless to say I have been craving water. The sound, the smell, the feel, and of course the visuals. The start of this journey with Schmidt Ocean Institute has been nothing short of perfection. I always think poetic thoughts when I look at the water. I noticed when I hear scientists speak about the ocean and its known data, I always feel like it is poetry. So I decided to bring my typewriter.

Artist-At-Sea Participant Lizzy Taber types on some of her work on the decks of Falkor.Lizzy Taber / SOI

I chose to put my thoughts onto paper that I cut into circles. I thought it was poetic to look through the circle windows as portals into the sea around me every morning and evening. I see the words typed back on to circles as portholes into my mind. The circular format is reflecting both inside and outside discoveries.

I find portholes to be romantic and extremely evocative. Portholes are historical, iconic, utilitarian, and simply beautiful.

Here are little glimpses of some of my first thoughts from day one on research vessel Falkor.

The climate is changing, and now we need to change, too.Lizzy Taber / SOI
Thoughts from a Libra sun sign with a Pisces moon and Scorpio rising. Surrounded by water and air internally and externally.Lizzy Taber / SOI
Mapping the unknown, creating a language and marking history for future generations to build off of. We try.Lizzy Taber / SOI
The sun reflecting off of the infinite leveled Pacific ocean is a site I could never get tired of. 360 views of glittered fields.Lizzy Taber / SOI
What I see when I look out the window. It is all reflections and refractions.Lizzy Taber / SOI
This is what I cannot put into words. There is no one language that can capture this feeling. It’s a concept. It’s a love language. The oceans lure cause all to bask in its presence to want to return.Lizzy Taber / SOI

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