Log Post: Voyage of Discovery – Video Update

The #VisioningCoralSea expedition is wrapping up its time at sea, with amazing accomplishments and discoveries having been made. In this wrap-up video, the researchers describe the achievements, while explaining the tools and next steps in these important studies. 

Log Post: Xenophyophores

The deep sea is undoubtedly home to the weird and wonderful, but one of the strangest organisms of all is actually a single cell. During my first deep-sea expedition over ten years ago, we noticed lumpy masses scattered all over an otherwise barren seafloor. At first we thought these were sponges, but I later learned … Continued

Log Post: Learning Lessons of Long-Term History – Video Update

 The Great Barrier Marine Park – it is unique. It is the only seascape like this on the planet. “Our duty here is to come in as scientists and understand the long-term history of the Great Barrier Reef over geological time: why it is here, how it got here. That gives us really important insights … Continued

Log Post: Delayed Gratification

In March I was busy preparing to join R/V Falkor in Exmouth for Leg 2 of the Illuminating Biodiversity of the Ningaloo Canyons voyage. A week before I was due to sail, the Covid-19 pandemic started causing havoc in Australia, and the Schmidt Ocean Institute had to proceed with caution to ensure that the Falkor … Continued

Log Post: Science Stories – Video Update

“I love ROVs because there is so much we haven’t discovered about the ocean… It is really hard to put an ROV in a new place and not discover something new because we have had so few human eyes on the ocean floor.” A new #ScienceStories video update featuring Antonella Wilby, currently based at the … Continued

Log Post: Into the unknown

My name is David Henderson and I am part of a team of engineers from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, at the University of Sydney. Our job is to operate and maintain our Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) on board Falkor. This is Sirius, the largest AUV we operate. She is a twin hull, 260kg … Continued

Log Post: Rapid Transformation – Video Update

“The Schmidt Ocean Institue’s surveys out here in the Coral Sea are rapidly transforming the Coral Sea Marine Park from being one of the least known and poorly characterized areas of Australia’s marine estate to one of the best mapped and best understood areas. This #VisioningCoralSea expedition video update takes us behind the scenes and … Continued

Log Post: Science Stories – Video Update

The Deep is known as “The Museum of Biodiversity,” as creatures that developed millions of years ago – far before what we see now in the shallows – still exist, they are just out of sight in these rarely changing habitats. A new #ScienceStories video featuring Jeremy Horowitz from JCU: James Cook University, Australia, created during the #VisioningCoralSea expedition. 

Log Post: From Modelling to Diving with SuBastian

For a first-timer going on a marine survey, this voyage on RV Falkor in the Coral Sea Marine Park is a dream come true. Importantly, as a marine environmental modeller, this voyage is giving me first-hand experience of data acquisition and a much better understanding of the strengths and limitations of data that is acquired … Continued