Log Post: Ridge Jumping

The members of the second student cruise met the small boat Atreyu at the University of Hawaii’s Snug Harbor facility on a gray Easter afternoon.

Log Post: Quick Turnover

After watching The Never Ending Story the night before—the movie version of the story that is the source of the ship’s namesake, Falkor the “luck dragon”—the final morning of mapping came and went faster than expected.

Log Post: First Time At Sea

As we continue on our course Saturday, the sun begins to rise over the Pacific Ocean and the islands appear magnificent in the distance.

Log Post: Ready for Maui Nui

In preparation for the 3-day journey to Maui Nui, our student team has spent two days training and familiarizing ourselves with the Falkor.

Log Post: More Questions Than Answers

The excellent data coming from Falkor’s high-resolution multibeam sonars have revealed breathtaking, never-before-seen details on every feature we’ve mapped so far in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.