Necker Ridge: Bridge or Barrier?

Cruise Log

Image courtesy of Christopher Kelley via NOAA OER.

Seamounts – Video

We know very little about Seamounts: underwater mountains! "They are hard to study and they are remote. Bringing the appropriate technology - whether that be...


On Board for the First Time

Howdy! My name is Bailey Skinner and I a am junior environmental geoscience major at Texas A&M University. When I am done with school, I...


Get into the Flow

Rising up and gaining height above the seafloor is the name of the game for sessile deep-sea animals. You can see this growth strategy below,...


Bridge or Barrier – Introduction Video

Where is Research Vessel Falkor? Why is this area interesting? What does the current science team hope to discover? How will the results of this...


Transecting time

For the crew, one of the many perks of working onboard Falkor (apart from the satisfaction of aiding the advancement of science) is that each...


Island Formation in the Hawaiian Archipelago – Video

In deep-sea research, it is important to recognize both where the exploration is taking place while understanding how this uncharted location came to be. Understanding...


Biogeography 101

If you have been following along with many of the live streaming ROV footage, including the last Falkor cruise, you may have noticed this fancy...


Insights from Isotopes

Boron isotope analysis is one of the studies that the experts onboard Research Vessel Falkor will be conducting during this expedition. In addition to calcium...


Wallace and SuBastian

In 1859, the famous British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace drew a line between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok as the proposed dividing line...