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Cruise Log

Technology and Science

The famous physicist Edward Teller said, "The science of today is the technology of the future." The experts who took part on the Coordinated Robotics expedition came...


Coordinated Robotics 2 Wrap Up Video

"All these techniques we are developing and demonstrating will help build our ability to understand the oceans. Having more observations is critical to having good...

SOI / Monika Naranjo Gonzalez

A Happy Marriage

Some years ago, Prof. Stefan Williams, from the University of Sydney’s marine robotics program, packed two of his underwater vehicles and traveled to Greece. He...


No Easy Fix

Legend has it that If you gave Albert Einstein an hour to solve a problem, he would spend fifty-five minutes thinking about it, and then the last...


Map Tracker

Time flies. Three years have already passed since the first Coordinated Robotics expedition took place on R/V Falkor, in Scott Reef, off the North West...



“The first problem we had is that the vehicle wasn’t communicating with the ship’s USBL system, so we weren’t able to keep track of where...


Lights, camera, drift!

On R/V Falkor, several Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are being optimized individually. Meanwhile, the team is experimenting with artificial intelligence that will enable the machines...


Water Worlds

To adrenaline-seeking daredevils, hang gliding through midtown Manhattan may sound like a fun idea. Yet even the most adventurous risk-takers would be unwilling to start...


Coordinated Robotics – Week 01 Video Update

The Coordinated Robotics research cruise has begun! Take a behind the scenes look at how and why researchers are creating networks and communication between different...


The Enterprise (Part 02)

Falkor’s boats rotate around her tirelessly through the day. Professor Stefan Williams, from the University of Sydney, knows how important it is to test the...


The Enterprise (Part 01)

The starship Enterprise had one mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man...


Conversation with Chief Officer ~ Coordinated Robotics

The second Coordinated Robotics expedition has begun, with R/V Falkor and crew off the island of Maui. Join us for a quick chat with Chief...


The Pace

The sun rises over R/V Falkor, offering a spectacle that captures science party and crew alike. While shielded at every corner by islands that include Maui,...

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