Searching for Life in the Mariana Back-Arc

Searching For Life – Expedition Highlights Review

Dec. 20 2016

The “Searching for Life in the Mariana Back-arc” cruise has wrapped, and with everyone back in port, it is a great time to look back at the accomplishments of the expedition. Using cutting-edge technology, the crew was able to visit hydrothermal chimneys over 30m (100 feet) tall, while also observing unique and specialized life-forms that can withstand some of the most extreme conditions on Earth. ROV SuBastian’s first series of science dives were great successes, delivering amazing footage and gathering samples. The data and information the crew has gathered from work done in these extreme environments advances the understanding of possible traits for species that are going to persist in a global ocean that will be changing markedly.

Take a look at some of the highlights and hear the scientists’ thoughts in the video above.

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