Dr Ariell Friedman is an engineer with a background in academia. He is the founder of Greybits Engineering, a software engineering and data science consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. Prior to that, he worked as a post-doctoral research engineer at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics and as a software engineer at a renewable hydro-energy startup. He has degrees in mechatronics engineering and commerce (finance), and a PhD in the areas of machine learning and computer vision applied to robotics.
Ariell aims to improve the utility of the huge visual datasets that are collected by robots and other underwater data collection platforms through streamlining data management and employing machine learning and computer vision algorithms.
Currently he is developing SQUIDLE+, which is an online and in-field system for managing visual datasets that integrates with machine learning and computer vision tools to help transform the huge volumes of collected images into useful data products for science objectives. Ariell is the primary architect and software engineer responsible for the creation of Squidle+ and also the Maptracker system for coordinated tracking of multiple robotic platforms in real-time, which is used on SOI’s Coordinated robotics cruises.