Designing the Future 2

Cruise Log

Brennan Phillips / MBARI

Foraging from Midwater to Deck Six

After ten days onboard R/V Falkor, I can confidently say the crew is spectacular, catering (quite literally) to everyone's needs; from feeding to steering and...


Visions of Deep Sea Technology Become Reality

When the scientific leads of this expedition (Dr. Kakani Katija, Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. David Gruber, and myself) proposed our project to the Schmidt Ocean...

ROV SuBastian / ROV

Designing the Future 2 – 4K ROV Highlights – Video Update

"Creating one new deep-sea instrument that can operate successfully in the field is hard enough to accomplish. This project took technology development to the next...


Applying Technologies – Video Update

“This cruise is the first science mission where we are applying those technologies to really try and tackle these questions about how can you more...

DeepPIV via ROV SuBastian

Another Twilight Zone

My name is Shona Kitchen and I am honored at the chance to board R/V Falkor as Artist-at-Sea; an amazing opportunity supported by Schmidt Ocean...

SOI / ROV SuBastian

Reaching Towards Deep-Sea Digital ‘Holotypes’

A holotype is the type specimen of a new species to science; picture giant drawers of insects and shelves of pickled animals in jars in...