Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge

Cruise Log

Making the Best Use

The #AdaptiveRobotics expedition is different from many research cruises in that the results will not simply be data such as samples, maps, or measurements. Instead, the larger...


Ask us Anything!

A few days ago we invited anyone who was interested to ask Principal Investigator Dr Blair Thornton (University of Southampton) and the international engineering team...


Five Senses

Marcel Proust's quote “Not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” resonates with the work of the Adaptive Robotics team. The experts aim to...


Peeking Under The Seafloor

Now that all of our three AUVs have been successfully deployed and taken more than 1,000,000 images of the seafloor, it is ROV SuBastian's turn...


Video Update 1

Conducting research with multiple underwater vehicles takes a huge amount of deliberation and coordination that is based on data gathered well before the work even...


Phase 03: In the Details

The team onboard Falkor has an intense couple of weeks ahead of them. Racing to keep up with the colossal amount of information being collected...


Never Settle: Phase 01 Complete

All four robots involved in the Adaptive Robotics expedition have now gotten wet and proved that they are ready to carry out their main scientific...

SOI / Monika Naranjo González

Launching Adaptive Robotics

Hello, my name is Blair and I am chief scientist on board the R/V Falkor for our expedition “Adaptive Robotics.” Today is day two, and...