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Evergreen Posts
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#FalkorToo – @SchmidtOcean’s new research vessel – will continue the legacy of exploring the ocean, supporting marine science, and bringing the wonders of the ocean to the public! #ChapterToo

Ocean lovers: Big news! @SchmidtOcean‘s newly refitted research vessel, #FalkorToo, is about ready for 1st research expedition! This means we’ll soon have another robotic point-of-view exploring #OceanLife in the #DeepSea. More info:

Join us in in congratulating @SchmidtOcean on the first expedition of their new research vessel, #FalkorToo. What #DeepSea #MarineLife might scientists, #ArtistsAtSea, and students encounter in 2023? We are excited to find out!

Daily Posts
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Feb 22

Join us counting down the days to Research Vessel #FalkorToo‘s inaugural science expedition! Built to boldly explore our unknown Ocean, excite interest, and inform the wise stewardship of our planet – 9 days until research begins! Suggested link:

Feb 23

A New Vision

Only 8 days until Research Vessel #FalkorToo’s first scientific expedition! Excited to see the new labs and other features of this one-of-a-kind oceanographic research platform put to use!

Feb 24
The Human Effect

Innovative oceanographic solutions are needed to address climate-related impacts + tackle marine pollution. Research Vessel #FalkorToo was designed as a modular platform for testing new tech to address these issues. 7 days until ship’s 1st expedition! #ChapterToo

Feb 25
Exploring the Deep

Most of the #DeepSea below 2000m hasn’t been explored. Although only 0.25% of Earth’s surface is deeper than 6000m, these are the least known areas of our planet. Research Vessel #FalkorToo will be cutting-edge platform for remotely operated vehicles. Science starts in 6 days!

Feb 26
Frontiers of Biodiversity

Despite darkness + crushing depth, the #DeepSea is alive. Research Vessel #FalkorToo has 8 labs and more space than most other vessels, allowing for greater capabilities for real time sampling, studying, and identification of species. The ship’s first expedition begins in 5 days!

Feb 27
Mapping the Seafloor

How do you build one of history’s greatest maps? By listening *very* carefully. R/V #FalkorToo will join a global quest to map the entire seafloor. The new ship will use 3 sonar systems to record the seafloor, shaping a 3D image in realtime.

Feb 28

Technologies for the Future

#1 expedition with our new Research Vessel starts in 3 days! With 100+ scientific sensors, computers+control systems linked by 200km of AV/IT cables, #FalkorToo will support development of advanced tech (like autonomous vehicles) to advance marine research

March 1

Power of Nature

The Ocean plays a vital role driving climate, weather + ecosystem interactions on all scales. Fine-scale features are critical in forecasting, but are notoriously difficult to measure. R/V #FalkorToo’s High-Performance Computing #HPC system can be used at sea to improve modeling.

March 2
Stability of Ocean

One of the most exciting parts of Research Vessel #FalkorToo isn’t attached to the ship: All data collected is openly available for scientists, managers, policy makers around the world – guidance to understand our oceans+make better decisions. The 1st expedition begins tomorrow!

March 3
DAY 10
The Onward Journey


March 3
Bonus Post #1

“#FalkorToo will make it possible to welcome more scientists aboard- take them further+deeper into our unknown Ocean, making possible a new&wondrous decade of discovery.” Wendy Schmidt, President+Co-Founder @SchmidtOcean. So excited to begin #ChapterToo with this wonderful ship!

March 3
Chapter (too) begins!
Bonus Post #2

More labs, more space, longer time at sea – learn all about the amazing features of @SchmidtOcean’s new ship Research Vessel #FalkorToo!
More info:
#ChapterToo begins!