R/V Falkor was originally built in 1981 in Lübeck, Germany as a Fishery Protection Vessel. The ship went through an extensive refit from 2009 to early 2012, converting the ship to an oceanographic research vessel.

Length Overall 82.90 meters
Length between perpendiculars 76.20 meters
Beam, overall 13.00 meters
Freeboard 2.28 meters
Draft (design) 4.80 meters
Draft (gondola) 5.80 meters
Draft (air)  24.00 meters
Depth (moulded) 6.67 meters
Displacement (weight) 2,260 m3
International Gross Tonnage 2,024 GRT
Net Tonnage 608 NRT
Fuel Capacity 105,150 US gals / 398 m3 / 330 MT
Fuel Consumption per day at 10 kts 2,900 US gals / 11 m3 / 9.1 MT
Galley Mess Seats 30
Maximum Speed 17 knots
Cruising Speed 10 to 12 knots
Survey Speed 8.0 knots
Range at 10 kts 8,000 nautical miles (estimated)
Endurance with 44 personnel aboard 36 days
Year Built / Year Converted 1981 / 2010-2012
Classification Society and Flag State

DNV-GL and Cayman Islands

Crew Complement

23 ship’s crew inclusive of marine technicians (total crew complement may vary depending on cruise requirements)

Berthing Accommodations for Scientists, Technical Personnel, and other Cruise Personnel

17 berths maximum.  However, the total available number of berths available for the science party is dependent upon technical staffing required to operated ROVs, AUVs, workboats and 24-hour over-the-side operations (which can be up to eight additional personnel), Coastal State observers, and other cruise dependent personnel.

Main Engines and Generators

(2) main engines MWM TBD 5108 rated each at 2,941 kW @ 750 RPM, (2) main generators MTU 16V2000 rated each at 720 kW, (1) science generator MAN D2842 LE301 rated at 500 kW, (1) harbor / emergency generator MAN D2840 LE201 rated at 400 kW, (1) 50 Hz to 60 Hz converter Atlas for 100 kVA to provide 480 VAC 60 Hz, (1) 50 Hz to 60 Hz converter Atlas for 25 kVA to provide clean power

Dynamic Positioning

EMRI Joystick / DP system with ROV following mode for launch, deploy and following for distances up to 150 meters at 2 knots.


Becker Marine System flap rudders with linked operation (do not move independently of one another) and operated at maximum +/- 35 degrees

Bow Thruster

(1) Tunnel Thruster, 536 hp / 340 kW