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ROV Subastian

Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian is a robotic vehicle capable of diving to 4500 meters and designed and built specifically for ocean science off of Research Vessel Falkor. The ROV is outfitted with a suite of sensors and specialized equipment to support scientific data and sample collection, as well as interactive research, experimentation, and technology development. ROV SuBastian is3.1m x 2.1m x 1.9m; about the same size as a mini-van. In air, it weighs 3,200 kg., and although this seems like a lot, most of the weight is flotation and will become a positively buoyant or neutral weight in the water. ROV SuBastian uses its navigation instruments and thrusters to explore the depths, all the while attached to the ship by an umbilical cable. ROV SuBastian is equipped with numerous video cameras and lighting that allow the operators to monitor what is going on around the vehicle in real-time. In addition to our permanent cameras, SuBastian can also be fitted with specialist imaging systems supplied by visiting scientists. SuBastian is designed to be modular and has a large payload, which means tools can be added as needed. SuBastian is outfitted with instruments on each cruise depending on the scientist’s goals, and we integrate whatever equipment the scientists can dream up.

More about ROV SuBastian, including specs and equipment lists, is HERE.