National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev
Dipl.-Engineer Electronics, Acoustics and Ultrasonics,
Graduated with honors

Professional Experience:
2000 – present EvoLogics GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Senior R&D Engineer
Development and prototyping of hydro acoustic-based digital communication systems;
Development and implementation of data acquisition systems and signal processing/visualizations software for sea-trials;
Design, prototyping and field testing of acoustic-based wireless data link for oil-rigs. Oil-rig distributed sensor’s data acquisition;
Development and implementation of DSP algorithms for ultra-wideband sonar systems;
Development and prototyping of the data acquisition and h/w components for hydroacoustic digital link for Tsunami Early Warning System (TEWS) project. Open sea testing of the TEWS acoustic link;

2005 – 2009 Technical University, Bionics Department, Berlin, Germany
Senior scientific fellow
Development and evaluation of DSP algorithms for wideband ultrasonic flaw-detectors with materials recognition capabilities;
Design of ultra-wide band hydroacoustic transducers;

1985 – 1999 “Storm” Design Office, Kiev, Ukraine
R&D Engineer
R&D in field of acoustics, ultrasonic and vibration measurement systems, electronics design, field data acquisitions
and measurements;
PC-based and embedded data acquisition and signals processing systems design;
Development and implementation of PC-based automated ultrasonic sensors measurement system;
Distributed sensors network and data acquisition systems design.