Sara Hajbane

Sara Hajbane is a physical oceanographer and archaeologist currently undertaking a PhD in environmental engineering at the University of Western Australia, where she has previously completed her Bachelors and Honours degrees. Her current project aims to understand the oceanographic processes that create areas with high plastic concentrations in coastal waters. Her focus for this project is on the Indian Ocean and in particular the Indonesian Archipelago.

She has been researching plastic pollution for over 5 years and worked as an independent consultant for The Ocean Cleanup, and other projects whilst living in Indonesia. Sara is interested in elucidating the physical drivers of coastal pollution, as well as human behaviours contributing to the problem to help policy makers and researchers tackle this issue more effectively, and provide new avenues for mitigation efforts. Her broad interests are in anthropogenic changes to marine environments past and present, coastal oceanography, circular economies, indigenous knowledge systems, and citizen science.