María de los Angeles Gallardo is a Marine Biologist with a PhD in Biology and Applied Ecology. Her research has focused on the study of decapod crustaceans, especially taxonomy, biogeography and ecophysiology. She is currently studying the diversity and biogeographic distribution of Brachyura and squat lobsters benthic in the seamounts of the Nazca and Salas & Gómez ridges, with a multidisciplinary approach incorporating oceanography, phylogeny and tolerance limits of these decapod crustaceans. She is currently an Associate Researcher in the Project Anillo “Oceanic Biodiversity Under Climatic Change Threat” (BiodUCCT ATE220044), inserted in the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands (ESMOI), besides collaborating in the Biological Collections Room of the UCN (SCBUCN) and teaches at the “Facultad de Ciencias del Mar” of the UCN.