Macarena Pozo Rodríguez is an undergraduate student of Marine Biology at the Marine Sciences Faculty of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), in which she has developed interests in macroalgae and oceanography. Currently, she is developing her thesis on the “Effect of desiccation on the physiological and reproductive viability of the macroalga Durvillaea incurvata and its epiphytic algae” at the Marine Botany UCN Laboratory.

During her time at university, she actively participates in scientific outreach in the university student’s organization “Simbiontes de Lafken Mapu”, addressing topics related to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, fauna and flora, as well as environmental care. Additionally, she is part of the scientific outreach team of EMI CHILE, a citizen science project that is searching and reporting Invasive Marine Species in the coast of Chile, working with the platform iNaturalist and social media.

This is her first expedition, so she is very excited to contribute to the scientific team for the first time.