Katleen is an assistant professor in the School of Ocean Technology at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfound and Labrador, in St John’s Canada where she holds her a Canada Research Chair in Ocean Mapping since 2018.  She received her BSc from McGill University, her MSc from the University of Victoria (Canada) and her PhD from the University of Southampton (UK).  Her current research develops quantitative and repeatable approaches to map seafloor habitats, with a particular focus on examining fine-scale species-environment relationships using benthic imagery. To accomplish this goal, Katleen has worked with a range of technologies including cabled-observatories, AUVs, ROVs, multibeam and synthetic aperture sonars, structure-from-motion photogrammetry and now as part of this SOI cruise underwater laser scanning.  She has participated in 11 expeditions totaling over a year at sea across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and is part of the ‘Challenger 150: A Decade to Study Deep-Sea Life’ action for the 2021-2030 Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.  Leading the 4D Oceans Lab, her goal is to create an integrated picture of our oceans, which will allow us to understand the relationships between habitats, resources, human activities and changing conditions.