Dr. Julie Trotter is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia who holds a PhD in geochemistry from the Australian National University, and an MSc in palaeontology from Macquarie University. Her research focuses on the geochemistry of marine carbonate and phosphatic skeletons, which are used as archives of environmental change on both modern and geological (100’s millions years) timescales. This involves the development and application of geochemical proxies for seawater temperature and pH, including minor and trace elements, stable boron and oxygen isotopes, as well as radiogenic (U/Th and Sr) isotope systems for dating and tracing geological processes. Such analyses of modern tropical, temperate, and long-lived cold water coral skeletons are central to understanding and predicting the effects of anthropogenic-driven ocean acidification and climate change on modern marine calcifiers. The cold water corals collected during the Perth Canyon cruise on the RV Falkor will be central to this research. Julie has also undertaken fieldwork within shallow water coral reefs, offshore Western Australia (Ningaloo, Rowley Shoals) and in the Great Barrier Reef, and to fossil reef systems in Morocco, Russia, Italy, Pakistan, Argentina, and across Australia.