Jorge Pérez-Schultheiss is a marine biologist and crustacean curator at the Invertebrate Zoology Area of the National Museum of Natural History (AZI-MNHNCL), Chile, and a doctoral student at the Post-Graduation Program in Animal Biology, at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Jorge is interested in the field collection, registration and conservation of the biodiversity of these groups of arthropods in biological collections and his research mainly focuses on the systematics of peracarid crustaceans from Chile, particularly in the orders Amphipoda and Isopoda, and more recently in arachnids of the order Opiliones. Some of his recent studies of these groups include the analysis of the phylogenetic relationships and taxonomy of amphipods of the family Talitridae on the Chilean coast and of Opiliones of the family Gonyleptidae, including the description of several new genera and species.