Marco Taviani is an Associate Senior Researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR-CNR) in Bologna with interests in paleoecology, paleobiology, Quaternary geology, carbonate geochemistry and deep-sea ecosystems. Initially trained in Alpine Triassic geology and Quaternary paleoecology, he obtained his PhD in Paleontology from the Ministry of Education (Italy). He has been awarded fellowships to conduct research on stable isotope geochemistry at Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, Louisiana State University and University of Houston, and has participated in many research and teaching activities in Europe, China, New Zealand and USA.

Marco’s recent research focuses on the reconstruction of Cenozoic marine environments from a paleoclimate perspective, the integrated study of deep-water coral ecosystems trough time, the process and products of hydrocarbon emissions at the seabed, and the application of geochemical proxies in paleoceanography. He has served as National Coordinator, as leader or partner in many international and national projects. He has both led and participated in over 50 oceanographic missions (including submersible dives) to the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, NE Atlantic, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica, which includes the previous Schmidt Ocean Institute-UWA deep-sea cruise to the submarine Perth Canyon aboard the RV Falkor in 2015. He served as on-ice scientist in all five drilling seasons in Antarctica for Cape Roberts and Andrill programs. He has also been involved in scientific SCUBA diving in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Antarctica, Indian and Pacific oceans, and has conducted field work worldwide with a focus on Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Antarctic geology. He has considerable experience in popularizing Science and public outreach via national and international media.