Dr. Dhugal Lindsay is an Australian working in Japan at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and several universities. His research focuses on mid-water ecology, particularly concentrating on gelatinous organisms that are too fragile to be sampled by conventional methods. He is also heavily involved in developing the technologies to study these organisms in situ. Dr. Lindsay has taken part in surveys in the Antarctic, Arctic, the South-East Pacific, the Sargasso Sea, the Challenger Deep, the Mediterranean, at hydrothermal vents, the Coral Sea, South-East Asia etc. collecting DNA barcodes, voucher specimens, and ecological information on species in order to characterize their realized and potential niches, revise their taxonomy, and provide an expert-vetted molecular toolkit for future studies on the life histories and feeding ecology of this extremely important fraction of the deep biosphere. He also likes writing haiku poetry.