Claudio Lo Iacono works as senior scientist at the Marine Sciences Institute of the Spanish National Research Council, ICM-CSIC. Claudio received in 2004 his PhD in sedimentary geology at the University of Naples in Italy, and then worked as a research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre of Southampton, UK. His research implies the use of high-resolution seafloor mapping, video imaging, seafloor samples and benthic landers to understand the spatio-temporal interactions between biotic and abiotic components of Cold-Water Coral reefs on ecologically-relevant geo-forms, such as submarine canyons, seamounts and coral mounds. Claudio recently focused on studying the dynamics of CWC habitats in the NE Pacific bathed by the Oxygen Minimum Zone, which is also considered to be an important driver in CWC distribution of Galapagos. Claudio’s deep-sea research has been mainly conducted in the Mediterranean Sea and on the NE Atlantic Margin using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). He participated in over 50 oceanographic expeditions and served as Chief Scientist on 10 of them.